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December 7, 2020 testosterone

Testosterone is the most important male hormone. Most of the testosterone in your blood is attached to one of two proteins: albumin and sex hormone binding globulin (Trusted sourceSex-hormone-binding globulinNational Library of MedicineGo to sourceSHBG ). However, there is some testosterone in the blood stream that is not attached to either albumin or SHBG. This is what doctors refer to as “free testosterone.”

November 30, 2020 testosterone

Testosterone replacement therapy is a doctor-prescribed, clinically proven, method to treat men and women with low testosterone.

Although technically a “male” hormone, testosterone is vital to the health and well-being of both men and women. Despite the important role that testosterone plays in strength, energy, vitality and sexual wellness, testosterone levels dwindle as you age. This can result in low testosterone, a condition sometimes simply referred to as “Low T.”

October 19, 2020 hgh

The small gland at the base of the skull known as the pituitary gland manufactures crucial hormones that the body needs every day. One of these vital chemical messengers is called somatotropin (growth hormone, GH, human growth hormone, HGH). For adults looking to maximize their human growth hormone levels, here are 10 ways to increase HGH secretion:

1. Sleep

HGH for sleep

Optimize the quality and quantity of your sleep so that you get a minimum of seven hours every night. Eight hours is the ideal target.

Sleep tops the list of the top 10 ways to increase HGH production because that is when more than half your body’s daily supply of HGH occurs while you are in deep, slow wave sleep. The body also utilizes HGH while you sleep for tissue recovery and repair, cognitive processing, metabolism, and immune support.

The most significant pulsatile bursts occur during your first deep sleep stage, just before midnight. The body’s natural circadian rhythm is best served if you are in bed before 11 pm. 10 pm is optimal for the best quality sleep.

Optimize your ability to fall asleep by: Reducing caffeine intake later in the day, keeping your room cool, turning off electronics at least an hour before bed, reading a book or listening to quiet music at night

October 15, 2020 testosterone

Testosterone Therapy and Sex DriveTestosterone is often equated to men and sexual performance. It is, after all, the primary male sex hormone. However, more than one hormone goes into creating a robust and healthy sex drive. Testosterone is only part of the equation, albeit a vital one.

There are benefits for testosterone replacement therapy and sex drive enhancement for some adults. Women may also benefit from boosting their testosterone levels.

Before a doctor prescribes testosterone replacement therapy (TRT), he or she will run a comprehensive battery of blood panels to measure hormone levels.

That is the initial step in diagnosing Low T or any other hormone deficiency or imbalance.