Sermorelin Therapy: Uses and Benefits

Sermorelin Therapy: Uses and Benefits
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You may have heard about sermorelin therapy as it has worked wonders for many adults. What is sermorelin and why is it beneficial? Sermorelin is an amino acid peptide that helps the body produce more human growth hormone. You have likely heard about HGH therapy and may be put off by its cost or side effects. Yes, HGH is expensive. Side effects are rare but can occur. Unlike HGH, sermorelin therapy is more readily affordable and virtually eliminates the risk factors that come with HGH.

The primary differences between HGH and sermorelin therapies are as follows:

HGH injections immediately provide a boosted supply of human growth hormone to the body. The hormone specialist will calculate how much additional HGH a person needs each day, and that will be the prescribed injection dosage. The supplemental HGH can immediately bind with human growth hormone receptors to carry out all HGH functions. Benefits begin to appear within the first two weeks of treatment.

Sermorelin injections increase HGH by sending signals into the pituitary gland where somatotrophs (HGH-producing cells) increase growth hormone production. Sermorelin does not provide an immediate boost in HGH levels. It is a secretagogue that works slowly over a few months to gradually increase human growth hormone secretion. Most people do not notice results of sermorelin therapy until two to three months into the treatment.

Sermorelin therapy increases the body’s natural production of
human growth hormone.

When Is Sermorelin Therapy Recommended for Use?

Sermorelin Therapy

Doctor-prescribed sermorelin HGH therapy works best for those adults in the borderline area between normal HGH levels and growth hormone deficiency. An appropriate age range would be in one’s thirties and forties. This is when growth hormone levels are decreasing. HGH production peaks during puberty to stimulate growth. By the time a person reaches his or her mid-twenties, the amount of HGH secreted each day begins to decline. Although most people will not notice symptoms of HGH deficiency in their thirties, changes are taking place beneath the skin’s surface. That is why the thirties and forties are the best time to optimize HGH production – whether through natural lifestyle changes or sermorelin therapy.

Can I use sermorelin therapy once I have many symptoms of growth hormone deficiency?

Sermorelin therapy results work best before symptoms of HGH decline appear. By the time you notice any signs of HGH deficiency, your human growth hormone levels have been on the downswing for many years, if not decades. The slow-acting nature of sermorelin will not provide the boost in HGH levels that you need, as fast as you need them. The better option if blood test results show a significant decline in growth hormone levels is to use HGH therapy to provide the body with immediate results.

Can I use both HGH and sermorelin therapy together?

Yes, if you are deficient in growth hormone and would like to get fast results while also helping your body increase HGH production, then this is a good option.

What Are the Benefits of Sermorelin Therapy?

While the primary benefit of sermorelin therapy is to boost the body’s natural production of HGH, there are many other results to anticipate. Remember, while you are raising HGH levels, you are also providing the same benefits that growth hormone does for the body.

Sermorelin therapy benefits include:

  • Increasing energy levels, vitality, and stamina
  • Improving metabolism to aid in fat burning and weight loss
  • Helping to strengthen muscles and bones
  • Enhancing libido and sexual performance
  • Decreasing bodily stiffness and joint pains
  • Supporting mental functions, memory, and focus
  • Improving sleep quality and duration
  • Enhancing immune system functions and accelerating healing from illness, injury, and surgery
  • Supporting cellular uptake of glucose
  • Stimulating the secretion of testosterone and thyroid gland hormones
  • emotional well-being and reducing feelings of depression

Strengthening heart health while lowering blood pressure and cholesterol levelsImproving cellular regeneration which helps:

  1. ncrease collagen and elastin for tighter, younger-looking skin
  2. Improve hair growth and thickness
  3. Protect and maintain internal organ size and functions
  4. Increase lean muscle mass and bone density
  5. Enhance blood cell production

Sermorelin therapy naturally provides the same benefits as HGH since it increases human growth hormone levels.

Are There Side Effects of Sermorelin Therapy?

It is rare to experience sermorelin therapy side effects. Unlike HGH treatment which can carry a risk of boosting human growth hormone levels too high, sermorelin does not have that issue. The HGH that the somatotrophs produce will not increase beyond a natural state.

The known side effects of HGH therapy include:

  • Carpal tunnel syndrome
  • Increased glucose intolerance
  • cholesterol
  • Acromegaly
  • Edema
  • Nerve, joint, and muscle pain

Sermorelin therapy does not carry these risks and is a safer alternative to HGH treatment.

It is important to remember that both sermorelin and HGH require doctor authorization. You cannot purchase HGH or sermorelin in the US without a prescription. Going outside the US by visiting websites that do not require a prescription can cause you unnecessary problems. Counterfeit medications are rampant coming from overseas. You have no guarantee that what you buy is safe to use. Also, you cannot know what dosage of sermorelin or HGH your body needs for optimum health.

How Do You Get Sermorelin Therapy?

You may now be wondering how to get sermorelin therapy near me. It is easier than you think. There is no reason to go through the time and expense of finding a local hormone replacement therapy specialist. You probably do not relish the idea of spending countless hours in a doctor’s office for consultations and follow-up visits. You can accomplish the same thing over the phone with our hormone clinic.

All consultations with our medical advisors take place by telephone. You are always welcome to email us with any questions, as well. We will arrange for you to have a blood test and examination at locations convenient to your home or office. Even your medications and supplies will be delivered right to your door. There is no need to worry about counterfeit or unsafe products as we send all prescriptions to fully licensed and regulated US pharmacies.

To learn more about how sermorelin therapy can help you, contact us today for your confidential, free consultation.

You can get sermorelin therapy by contacting our hormone clinic for a confidential, free consultation.