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HGH Prescription: Get HGH Prescription Online From a Doctor

HGH Prescription: Get HGH Prescription Online From a Doctor

HGH Prescription

Human growth hormone therapy is a doctor-prescribed protocol used to treat cases of growth hormone deficiency. Your doctor will provide an HGH prescription upon completion of the diagnostic process that verifies low HGH levels.

There is much to know about getting a prescription for human growth hormone therapy. You must have a legitimate need for this treatment. Doctors do not provide HGH by prescription for the sole purpose of bodybuilding, sports or athletic enhancement, anti-aging, or any other non-medical use.

To administer HGH when the body is not deficient is putting one’s health at risk. Here at our hormone clinic, we strongly caution individuals against buying HGH illegally for off-label uses. We will not provide a prescription for HGH to anyone who does not test positive for adult growth hormone deficiency.

Who Is a Candidate for an HGH Prescription?

Legitimate candidates for HGH therapy are men and women over the age of thirty. That is the first requirement unless you were diagnosed as a child with short stature and growth hormone deficiency. If that is the case, you are likely already working with an endocrinologist who is monitoring your health and treatment.

Anyone else looking for an HGH prescription will also meet the following requirements:

  • Test positive via blood analysis for low levels of growth hormone via the IGF-1 blood test
  • Have symptoms associated with growth hormone decline
  • No current diagnosis of cancer for which you are receiving treatment

You may suspect that you have low HGH levels if any of the following signs are present:

  • Fatigue
  • Increased fat and decreased lean body mass
  • Trouble concentrating and remembering things
  • Aging skin and thinning hair
  • Blurry night vision
  • Height appears to be shrinking
  • Stiffness and joint pains
  • Depressed feelings or mood swings
  • Increased anxiety or stress
  • Trouble falling and staying asleep
  • Low sex drive

These are only some of the more common symptoms associated with adult growth hormone deficiency.

Get HGH Prescription

What Kind of Doctor Provides an HGH Prescription?

When we mentioned getting prescribed HGH by a doctor, we meant a hormone specialist. Your family physician is unlikely to provide you with the required testing and treatment for growth hormone deficiency. It is not that he or she does not want to (although that may be the case), it is that hormone balancing is a medical specialty. As with any other highly specialized field of medicine, you want someone with expert knowledge engaging in adjusting your hormone levels.

Hormones are the body’s chemical messengers. The enter the bloodstream and find their targeted cellular receptors to deliver a specialized message that will initiate a series of actions. Many of the chemicals stimulate or inhibit the release of other hormones. When you increase one, it may affect many others.

For that reason, an HGH prescription should only come from a doctor with extensive knowledge and experience in this field.

Can You Get an HGH Prescription Online?

When searching for an HGH prescription online, you may come across conflicting information. Although it is highly illegal to purchase human growth hormones online without a prescription, you will likely find plenty of websites that will allow you to do just that.

Here is what you need to know about this subject:

  • You face steep fines and jail time if you are caught buying HGH illegally without a prescription
  • Any HGH medications you buy that are shipped without an accompanying prescription are subject to confiscation by authorities
  • Many websites that sell unauthorized HGH are fraudulent or engage in unsafe practices
  • You may become a victim of identity theft or have money stolen from your account
  • A fraudulent company may take your payment but ship nothing in return – these types of websites come and go on a regular basis.
  • Disreputable companies may ship expired, counterfeit, diluted, different, or dangerous products
  • Online sales companies do not provide prescriptions for medications such as HGH
  • You need to contact a valid hormone replacement therapy clinic for the proper testing and diagnosis to get an HGH prescription

If you are online looking for the best HGH prescription, what you want to find is a reputable hormone clinic. Search no more; you have already found us. Thanks to our simplified diagnostic procedures, you can get a prescription for HGH in less than a week in most instances.

How Much Does an HGH Prescription Cost?

Questions about HGH prescription cost cannot be answered with a number. The cost is different for each person.

How is that possible?

Many factors go into determining the cost of human growth hormone therapy:

  • First, you have doctor’s fees – visiting a medical specialist can be very expensive. That is why our clients appreciate being able to call for their free online consultation.
  • Next, you have blood test charges – we have pre-negotiated these fees with a national chain of laboratories to make the price affordable.
  • You then need to have a physical examination – if you go to a local hormone specialist, this will likely be included in the high office visit fee you will pay. By using our national clinic, we offer you affordable and quick alternatives so that you do not have to wait weeks or months for an expensive appointment.
  • The amount of HGH you need is the next factor. The dosage of HGH, along with the frequency and duration of treatment will dictate how much HGH you need to buy.
  • Finally, the brand and style of injecting HGH provide the final information. Your HGH prescription price is based on the option you choose. Injector pens and prefilled disposable syringes will always cost more than standard vials you use with disposable syringes.

How to Get an HGH Prescription

If you are wondering how to get an HGH prescription, wonder no more. You can contact us in one of two straightforward ways:

  1. Complete the form on this page. When you do, one of our medical advisors will call you for your free consultation. If you have a specific time that works best for you, please write it in the comment box.
  2. Pick up the phone and call us directly during our normal business hours. One of our clinical advisors will get on the phone with you to discuss your situation.

We walk you through the entire diagnostic process every step of the way, supervising your treatment and ensuring superior HGH therapy results. For superior customer service and medical care, contact our hormone clinic today.