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HGH Therapy Benefits for Enhanced Weight Loss

HGH Therapy Benefits for Enhanced Weight Loss

HGH Therapy Benefits for Enhanced Weight LossObesity is an epidemic – not only in the US but throughout the world. Super-sized portions, packaged meals containing artificial ingredients, and fast-food drive-ins have changed how we eat. More people today than ever before find themselves eating meals on the go. Even worse, as weight goes up, growth hormone levels go down. Since GH helps regulate metabolism, that often increases fat retention even more. That is why we sometimes hear people talk about HGH therapy for enhanced weight loss.

Is HGH therapy for weight loss the miracle diet aid humanity has searched for through the years?

Not really. That is not to say that adults will not see a portion of their fat disappear when using HGH therapy. The average change in body composition over a six-month course of HGH therapy is about 10 to 14% loss of fat.

While that may seem significant, and it is, the body also improves its lean muscle mass composition at the same time. So, while a 14% loss of fat may occur, a similar 5 to 10% increase in lean muscle may also happen.

When that occurs, the use of HGH for weight loss before and after treatment results in an overall improvement in body composition and physique, but not necessarily a significant change on the scale. What you see in the mirror and how you look in clothes provides a better assessment of the outcome of HGH therapy.

The use of HGH therapy for weight loss helps decrease body fat while also increasing lean muscle mass.

How Effective Is HGH for Weight Loss?

In a 2013 study that looked at what does HGH do for weight loss, researchers found that decreased growth hormone secretion results in obesity, partly due to how GH stimulates lipolysis (triglyceride breakdown into free fatty acids). Growth hormone deficiency (GHD) often leads to enlarged fat deposits. Treatment with HGH therapy for enhanced weight loss resulted in a shift in both fat cell number and volume toward normal.

Abdominal fat is the first to go with the use of HGH therapy. As a result, the decline in abdominal obesity helps reverse the reduction in growth hormone secretion.

It is important to point out that HGH for weight loss works only when a person is growth hormone deficient. It will not influence weight in people who have normal growth hormone levels.

The use of HGH for women’s weight loss can frustrate some females because, as always, males tend to decrease visceral fat mass at a faster rate. While HGH is not a diet nor a dietary aid, it does help improve metabolism resulting in better lipolysis for fat reduction.

Using HGH for weight loss can be effective only for people who have a growth hormone deficiency.

Why Is Growth Hormone Used to Manage Obesity?

The connection between HGH levels and weight loss has a lot to do with a variety of hormones. We have already mentioned how obesity leads to decreased growth hormone production for many people. The hormone leptin, which is produced by the body’s fat cells, tells the hypothalamus when enough food has been consumed. As a result, the hypothalamus sends somatostatin to the pituitary gland to inhibit growth hormone production. The result is a sluggish metabolism resulting in more fat retention and increased levels of leptin.

By using HGH to treat growth hormone deficiency, the metabolism revs up, reducing fat cell volume, and decreasing leptin production. Another benefit of HGH therapy for enhanced weight loss is the breakdown of triglycerides for use as energy. With more energy, a person can also increase exercise levels.

HGH also exerts its actions on the two enzymes that control lipolysis and lipogenesis (fat accumulation). After the breakdown of the triglycerides into free fatty acids (FFAs), HGH inhibits lipoprotein lipase (LPL) in its activity of taking the FFAs into the fat cells, encouraging the body to use them as energy.

An added benefit of using HGH therapy to aid weight loss is that it can also decrease the cardiovascular risk associated with elevated fat mass concentration in the body.

HGH therapy helps decrease fat mass and reduce the risk of cardiovascular disease attributed to obesity.

Warnings and Risks Associated with HGH for Weight Loss

HGH therapy is considered safe when used to treat growth hormone deficiency in adults. Is HGH safe for weight loss use? The only time when it is safe to use HGH therapy for losing weight is if the individual has been diagnosed with GHD.

The use of HGH therapy for enhanced weight loss in adults with normal growth hormone levels is not recommended. Not only will it not provide the desired results, but it could also lead to unwanted side effects. Anytime you increase a hormone higher than its normal range, problems can occur. That is extremely true about HGH levels.

Using injectable HGH for weight loss when a person is not deficient in GH can lead to carpal tunnel syndrome, joint, muscle, and nerve pain, edema, insulin resistance, and high cholesterol.

Using HGH therapy for weight loss when a person is not growth hormone deficient can result in unwanted side effects.

Nutrition During HGH Therapy

Although the use of HGH for weight loss is not a diet, per se, there are benefits of using a calorie-restricted diet while on HGH therapy. Now, this is not the same as the 500 calorie HCG Diet, so do not get them confused. No one should combine HCG and HGH or try to do the HCG Diet using HGH instead of HCG.

In one study of HGH therapy for enhanced weight loss where adults were fed a diet based on their ideal body weight, those receiving HGH experienced a 1.6-fold increase in loss of body weight. The study findings showed that combining a hypocaloric diet with HGH in obese subjects accelerated body fat loss.

The point we want to make, however, is that by eating healthy during HGH therapy, you can improve your weight loss results. Reduce sugar and processed foods, and focus on lean protein, fruits, and vegetables for the best options.

Combine healthy nutrition with HGH therapy to improve weight loss if you are growth hormone deficient and overweight.

Exercise During HGH Therapy

Another way to improve the effects of HGH therapy for enhanced weight loss is through exercise. The surprising fact is that most people will find superior results with only 30 minutes of exercise just a few times a week. It is all about doing the right types of exercise to improve HGH levels and fat loss.

How does HGH work for weight loss with exercise?

First, you want to focus on the type of workout called high-intensity interval training – HIIT for short. Imagine 20 to 30 minutes of your favorite type of cardio exercise performed in short spurts. For example, do 2 to 3 minutes of walking, cycling, or swimming, followed by a 20 to 30-second burst of high-speed activity, then repeat the cycle. Thirty minutes is the maximum time to spend, and you will see improved fat burning results.

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