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Growth Hormone Deficiency Treatment for Adults

Growth Hormone Deficiency Treatment for Adults
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HGH deficiency treatment for adults

According to a report in The Journal of Clinical Endocrinology & Metabolism, growth hormone deficiency treatment offers benefits for adults that include body composition, skeletal integrity, exercise capacity, and quality of life measures.

The report goes on to state that risks associated with treatment for growth hormone deficiency are low. Recommendations include individualized HGH dosing regimens and thoughtful clinical judgment and benefit evaluation as compared to risks.

When our hormone specialists review individual cases, they look for a few specific factors:

  • Symptoms associated with growth hormone level decline
  • Blood test results verifying an HGH deficiency
  • Free of contraindicated conditions, such as active cancer
  • Ability to administer and receive benefit from HGH therapy

Over the years, we have seen tremendous benefits from growth hormone deficiency treatment in adults. Men and women who had all but given up on life due to dissatisfaction with their appearance or physiological performance are once again enjoying life. Fears of dementia, osteoporosis, type 2 diabetes, obesity, and cardiovascular disease are being reduced every day.

While human growth hormone treatment is not a cure-all, and will not flat out prevent other health issues, it will help strengthen the immune system and reduce those risk factors.

What Qualifies You for Growth Hormone Deficiency Treatment?

As an adult, your growth hormone levels will begin to decline by the time you enter your thirties. Before that, unless you experienced child-onset GHD, or have suffered a head injury or tumor, your body should still provide enough HGH on its own. You will not qualify to receive treatment for HGH deficiency unless there is proof that your growth hormone levels are too low.

What is the proof that a doctor needs to prescribe HGH therapy?

Blood analysis is the primary factor for determining candidacy for growth hormone deficiency treatment. The hormone specialist will also look at any symptoms you have that would go along with this diagnosis. An absence of symptoms means your body is doing fine with the level of HGH it produces.

If you have AGHD, you likely suffer from some of the following issues:

  • Reduced energy and endurance
  • Decreased exercise tolerance and strength
  • Loss of muscle and an increase in body fat mass
  • Sagging skin, wrinkles, and increased cellulite
  • Joint stiffness and pain
  • Anxiety, stress, depression, sadness, or mood swings
  • Hair thinning, loss, or graying
  • Poor focus, memory, and mental performance
  • Diminished sex drive and pleasure
  • Worsening eyesight and night vision

These and other signs of adult growth hormone deficiency are easily corrected with the proper treatment.

What Are the Guidelines for Growth Hormone Deficiency Treatment?

Our focus at this hormone clinic is for individuals dealing with adult-onset growth hormone deficiency. Those who received HGH therapy as children should remain under a doctor’s care as they age to ensure properly balanced hormone levels.

We adhere to the following growth hormone deficiency treatment guidelines:

  • Only adults over thirty who have blood test results to back up a diagnosis of AGHD will receive treatment
  • There must be an absence of cancer, and other contraindicated health conditions
  • The presumed benefits will far outweigh any potential risks (side effects are rare)
  • Other blood and hormone levels must be checked to ensure that there are no other causes of the current symptoms
  • A complete physical examination and review of the individual’s medical past are required
  • Continued supervision is necessary while receiving HGH therapy
  • Dosing guidelines must be individualized, and based on personal need rather than weight alone – weight, height, age, gender, and level of deficiency are all factors in this determination

What Results Can You Expect from Growth Hormone Deficiency Treatment?

Before beginning HGH therapy, you will want to know how it will benefit you. Growth hormone deficiency treatment provides superior results with very little risk of side effects. Men and women can look forward to sleeping better at night and waking up refreshed once again in the morning. Their energy levels will last throughout the day. Many rapidly begin a new exercise program, even if it is just a nightly walk, to help use up some of their newfound energy.

Since HGH stimulates the metabolism, weight loss is another benefit. We see this most with a decline in belly fat that is often similar to the increase in lean muscle mass. Along with better muscle tone, the bones become stronger, offering extra support to the body. Painful joints give way to increased freedom of movement.

Other likely growth hormone deficiency treatment results include:

  1. Sharper brain functions
  2. Improved memory
  3. Lower LDL cholesterol levels
  4. Better glucose uptake by the body’s cells and tissues
  5. A more youthful looking appearance as skin becomes tighter and age spots begin to fade
  6. Potential hair regrowth and return of natural color – hair grows in thicker and shinier
  7. Reduced blur when driving at night and improved overall vision
  8. Increased sex drive and feelings of arousal
  9. Improved sexual functions in males and females leading to enhanced pleasure
  10. Healthier immune system and faster healing and recovery time
  11. Brighter mood and outlook, increased desire for social activities
  12. Better drive and motivation leading to more daily productivity

How Do You Get Growth Hormone Deficiency Treatment?

Since hormone replacement is a medical specialty, you want to contact a doctor with extensive experience in this field. Your primary care physician is not the right individual to provide HGH deficiency treatment.

When you contact our hormone clinic, you can expect the following:

  1. A free and confidential consultation with a medical advisor
  2. Convenient options for local blood testing and physical examination
  3. Ability to complete all necessary health forms online
  4. Superior service and only the highest-quality HGH medications
  5. Caring staff who understand what you are going through with imbalanced hormones

For the finest personalized growth hormone deficiency treatment, please contact our clinic for your free consultation.

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