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HGH Therapy Benefits for Sexual Function

HGH Therapy Benefits for Sexual Function

HGH Therapy Benefits for Sexual FunctionIt does not matter if you are a once-a-week or once-a-day type of person, you know when your sex drive is low. You also can tell when your level of performance is not satisfactory. For men, it might show up as loss of the morning erection, premature ejaculation, or difficulty reaching arousal. Women typically suffer from lack of vaginal lubrication leading to dryness and painful intercourse. For those reasons and more, you will be happy to learn about HGH benefits for sexual function.

All too often we hear from men and women about the lack of romance and passion in their relationship. It is not that they have fallen out of love with their partner, or that they do not consider one another attractive. In fact, many people cannot even put their finger on the cause. That is where our hormone specialists provide valuable insight into what is happening.

HGH benefits for sex extend deep inside the body, where they go to work restoring what was regarding sexual desire, arousal, functions, and pleasure.

Human growth hormone also provides benefits to the heart, increasing cardiac capacity and output. These changes help send increased blood flow to the sexual organs to improve functions and sensitivity. Remember, your genitals need the oxygen that the blood cells bring.

Does HGH Benefit Male and Female Libido?

The benefits of HGH for libido begin in the brain. After all, that is where the signals to the sexual organs start. The brain is home to a vast network of human growth hormone receptor cells. These receptors receive signals from HGH that propel them into action.

HGH brain receptors stimulate learning, memory, focus, cognitive processes, emotions, and, yes, sexual desire. Adults with HGH deficiency have a higher risk of depression, anxiety, stress, and mood changes. When you are feeling any of those emotions, it is hard to “get in the mood” for sex.

How will HGH increase libido if I have a deficiency?

By using supplemental human growth hormone therapy, your receptors will receive a boosted supply of HGH. Heightened signals of HGH to these receptor cells will stimulate them to perform their actions. That is why many people see superior HGH benefits for sexual function.

HGH Benefits for Male Sexual Functions

It is natural for a male to pride himself on his sexual prowess. The ability to achieve multiple erections in one night is the stuff younger males often boast about to their pals. Whether or not any of that is made up in young adulthood does not matter. What is important is maintaining the ability to achieve a satisfactory erection throughout life for the benefit of both parties.

Low levels of HGH effects on sex can weaken erectile functions. Men with growth hormone deficiency often suffer from the following sexual issues:

  • Loss of interest
  • Reduction in morning erections
  • Reduced frequency of erections
  • Slow arousal response
  • Less stamina
  • Premature ejaculation
  • Inability to achieve orgasm
  • Decreased orgasm intensity

Thanks to the many HGH benefits for sexual function that males receive, their libido begins to climb, often to the point it was at when they were in their twenties.

Other positive results of HGH for libido and sexual function include:

  1. Return of the morning erections
  2. Ability to achieve more than one erection a day
  3. Faster arousal response
  4. More stamina
  5. Long-lasting erections
  6. More powerful and satisfying orgasms

Female Sex Drive and HGH Benefits

Since HGH levels begin to decline by the time most people reach thirty, the effects of growth hormone deficiency can appear long before menopause. That is why some women start to lose interest in sex long before the first hot flashes arrive on the scene.

In fact, since HGH helps stimulate sex hormones, it can also have a profound influence on menopausal symptoms. The HGH effect on sex drive in women can take away all feelings of desire. Since skin aging, thinning hair, and weight gain often accompany GH deficiency, a woman may not feel attractive to her mate. While these thoughts radiate from the brain, they are seen through the eyes which send the impressions back up to the brain.

Vaginal dryness is a significant factor for many females. It makes intercourse unpleasant and often painful. Instead of feeling amorous, a woman may be wishing for it to hurry up and end. Among the many HGH benefits for sexual function in women is better vaginal lubrication which results in more pleasing intercourse.

Couple that with intensified feelings of desire and arousal, and heightened orgasms and you have a recipe for success.

Do not let low libido or decreased sexual functions interfere in your life. Contact our hormone specialists to learn more about how HGH can help. We provide free, confidential consultations by telephone to men and women throughout the US.

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