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HGH Therapy Results

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If you are like many other adults with growth hormone deficiency, you eagerly await HGH therapy results. After all, you have spent months, years, or possibly decades feeling tired, gaining weight, and watching your life change for the worse right before your eyes.

Have no fear; you are about to witness an astonishing transformation if your doctor has prescribed HGH therapy.

Human growth hormone injections give back to the body what it has lost. Your pituitary gland may be decreasing the amount of growth hormone it secretes as you age. However, that does not mean you have to do without your most influential hormone. HGH therapy replenishes and normalizes your growth hormone levels.

GH decline affects each person differently. Your HGH results will be dependent upon how the deficiency has affected your body.

How Long Does It Take to See HGH Therapy Results?

When it comes to HGH results, time is subjective. Just because your friend lost three inches of belly fat in two months does not mean you will have comparable results. It may take you longer to achieve some benefits but quicker for others. Men also tend to notice some of the changes faster than women – especially weight loss.

It does not take long for the initial HGH therapy results to appear. Chances are you will start to notice subtle changes within two weeks. Many people report feeling increased vitality by the end of the first week.

What you can look forward to from your HGH results after 2 weeks are:

  • Increased energy which helps you accomplish more each day
  • Sleeping better at night so that you feel rested in the morning
  • Improved sense of humor and not taking things so seriously
  • More positive outlook for the future

Just because we list these as potential week two results of HGH, does not mean everyone will experience them this soon. Use this as a guide. If you do not notice at least a couple of these benefits by the end of the first four weeks, please contact the hormone clinic to discuss the situation.

Timeline of HGH Therapy Results – the First Five Months

The following HGH results timeline should serve as an example of what to expect. Please remember as you read the month by month changes below that this is a generalization based on the results of thousands of people. Your benefits may vary by a month or two. In some cases, you may see a change much earlier than listed. If this occurs, go ahead and rejoice. On the other hand, if you have not noticed a particular result by the end of the next month, please contact the clinic.

Here is your month by month timeline of HGH therapy results:

HGH results 1 month

  • More energy and vitality
  • Improved sleep
  • Better outlook and mood
  • Less anxiety and stress
  • Enhanced sense of humor
  • Increased sexual thoughts

HGH results after 2 months

  • Improved muscle tone
  • Increased sexual desire
  • Better metabolism of food
  • Cellular regeneration improves
  • Boost in collagen and elastin production
  • Night vision may become less blurry
  • Hair strands and nails start to become stronger
  • Appearance of fine lines around the eyes, mouth, and on forehead may decrease
  • Month 1 benefits continue to improve

HGH results after 3 months

  • Belly fat loss is likely
  • Lean muscle mass increases
  • Bone density starts to improve
  • Skin becomes more elastic and firm
  • Hair growth improves
  • Memory seems sharper
  • Better focus and concentration
  • Enhanced cognitive functions
  • Body feels more flexible
  • PMS and menopausal symptoms subside
  • Increased exercise abilities
  • Faster healing from exercise, injuries, and illness
  • Improved sexual functions, performance, and pleasure
  • Stronger immunity against germs
  • Previous benefits keep improving

HGH results after 4 months

  • Strengthening of all prior results
  • Enhanced cardiac functions for exercise
  • Internal organs improve in size and performance
  • Noticeable change in physical tone
  • Joint pains and stiffness likely gone or significantly reduced
  • Increased drive and productivity
  • Mental functions dramatically improved
  • Feeling of emotional well-being
  • Better quality of life
  • Thicker, fuller hair

HGH results after 5 months

  • Significant decrease in age spots and skin discoloration
  • Possible hair regrowth and color return
  • Lower LDO cholesterol levels
  • Improved eyesight
  • More contoured physique
  • Firmer, tighter skin

With each passing month, the results will continue to improve.

Do HGH Therapy Results Continue After Five Months?

The initial course of HGH therapy is traditionally five months. What happens then?

A variety of actions can occur at this time. You can easily continue your HGH therapy results in the following ways:

  • First, the doctor will run new blood tests to assess your growth hormone levels.
  • Next, you will discuss where you stand in the process of getting the results you desire. If you are where you want to be, you may choose to continue with a lower dose of HGH to maintain a holding pattern.
  • People who still have a way to go to reach their goal may stay with the same dosage dependent on the blood test results. The doctor will assess the results and determine any necessary changes in treatment.
  • Some people use their positive HGH therapy results to increase natural growth hormone production through lifestyle changes. You may wish to stop HGH therapy to see if this will work for you.

You can remain on HGH indefinitely or take actions to improve your health and vitality. Either way, we are here to guide you in this process. Contact our hormone clinic for a free consultation today.