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HGH Therapy Benefits for Better Fracture Healing

HGH Therapy Benefits for Better Fracture Healing

HGH Therapy Benefits for Better Fracture Healing

If it seems as though bone fractures take longer to heal in the elderly, it is because they do. Each day, some of your bone cells go through a phase of remodeling, where old cells die off and get resorbed into the body. New cells are necessary to take their place. We look at HGH benefits for better fracture healing because human growth hormone is the primary stimulator of cell regeneration.

Once HGH enters the bloodstream, it carries out a multitude of functions – one of which is telling the liver to secrete insulin growth factor 1. IGF-1 mediates many HGH actions, including cell reproduction.

As you age, your pituitary gland decreases HGH secretion, thereby reducing IGF-1 levels at the same time. The result is fewer new cells to maintain the body’s muscles, blood flow, skin, hair, nails, tissues, and bones. Reduced bone density left untreated can result in osteoporosis.

When you use HGH for bone healing, you increase cell regeneration to allow more bone cells to repair the fracture.

How Does HGH Help Build Stronger Bones in Adults?

There is more to this subject than just HGH benefits for better fracture healing. As important as it is to help broken bones heal faster, the overall goal is to help prevent fractures from occurring in the first place.

HGH is a polypeptide protein hormone that influences new bone cell formation and mineralization. As it does this, it strengthens and rebuilds the bone. The rate of natural bone turnover is seven years, meaning that by the end of a seven-year period, your bones consist of all new cells that were not there seven years earlier.

Human growth hormone also helps influence testosterone production, a hormone crucial to protecting bone mineral density. Many people with low HGH levels also have testosterone deficiency. HGH therapy often helps to increase testosterone production, as well.

Can HGH Speed Bone and Joint Healing?

HGH Therapy Benefits for Better Fracture HealingIn our discussion of HGH benefits for the skin, we talked about how HGH increases collagen production. Collagen does more than plump, thicken, and tighten the skin; it also cushions the joints. That is where you get the benefits of HGH for healing joints.

Those creaks, aches, and pains that you get in your joints begin to subside when you start to raise your HGH levels back to their ideal state.

HGH benefits for better fracture healing help speed bone recovery by infusing osteoblasts (new bone cells) into the damaged area. First comes the blood clot which brings the inflammatory clean-up cells to the fracture. Then the osteoblasts begin to fill in the gap. Chondroblasts provide new cartilage. HGH goes to work stimulating the production of all these different cells to create new bone in place of the fracture.

Can HGH Prevent Bone Fractures?

Prevention is the crucial aspect of this conversation. Yes, there are benefits to HGH for healing broken bones. However, you would be hard-pressed to find a doctor who will prescribe human growth hormone therapy for that purpose. Fracture healing is not an approved use of HGH. If you do test positive for GH deficiency, you can receive HGH therapy which will help with your fracture repair.

The goal is to prevent bone breakage in the first place by strengthening the bones and reducing the risk of osteoporosis. That is what HGH will do for the skeletal structure of your body.

At the same time as it is increasing your bone density, HGH also improves lean muscle mass. It is the body’s muscles that support and protect the bones from damage.

To learn more about HGH benefits for better fracture healing and improved bone density, please contact our hormone clinic for a confidential consultation at no charge.