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Buy Real HGH Injections for Sale: Types, Cost, How and Where to Buy HGH

Buy Real HGH Injections for Sale: Types, Cost, How and Where to Buy HGH

Adults today have more options than ever before when looking to get HGH injections for sale. There are cost-saving vials containing human growth hormone in a lyophilized (freeze-dried) powder state. These medications require reconstitution with a bacteriostatic solution (diluent) before they can be injected into the body. There are also the latest handheld gadgets – injector pens in a variety of shapes and sizes, depending on the pharmaceutical manufacturer.

It can certainly seem confusing and overwhelming at the start of the research into HGH therapy options. Not only are adults faced with a long list of possible HGH brands, but there are also advertisements online for HGH sold by cap color rather than brand name, as well as other products that claim to be HGH. Those items, marketed as capsules, drops, pills, pellets, lotions, or patches do not contain real human growth hormones, so they are off the table as far as legitimate treatment options.

We will address the HGH sold by cap color in the section “Cheap HGH Injections – Is It Real” further down in this review.

There is much to know about getting real HGH injections for sale legally in the US. Rushing into any purchase can lead a person down a path of identity theft, fraudulent actions, money loss, potential health dangers, prosecution, fines, and jail time. That is why the information presented here is essential to understand before proceeding with any purchase.

Adults today have many options for getting HGH injections for sale, which is why the information provided here is crucial to understand.

Types of HGH Injections for Sale in the US

At the start of this report, we touched briefly on the fact that there is a multitude of injectable HGH products for sale today. Not only can it be overwhelming to decide on a brand of HGH, but then having to choose which pen to buy can make it all the more difficult. Some pharmaceutical companies offer up to four different pens containing human growth hormones in different strengths. The determination of which one to buy hinges on the dosage prescribed by the doctor.

Here are the differences between the various injector pens from the top-rated brands of HGH endorsed and prescribed by our hormone doctors:

HGH Brand & ManufacturerStrengthsReplaceable CartridgesAll-In-One UnitRefrigeration RequiredPre-Mixed Solution
Genotropin Pens5 and 12 mgYesNoYesNo two-chambers
HumatroPen6, 12, 24 mgYesNoYesNo
Omnitrope Pens5 and 10 mgYesNoYesYes
Norditropin FlexPro Pen5, 10, 15, 30 mgNoYesBefore first useYes
Saizen pen8.8 mg cartridgesYesNoYesNo
Saizen easypod8.8 mg cartridgesYesNoYesNo
Zomacton Zoma-Jet 1010 mg vialYes – vials with adaptorNoYesNo
Genotropin MiniQuick10 strengthsN/AYesNo (3 months)No two-chambers

In the chart above, you will see that the Genotropin products come with two-chambers. Both the cartridges and the individual prefilled syringes consist of a unique design where one chamber holds the HGH powder and the other the diluent. The medication mixes directly in the units.

The following brands of injectable HGH for sale are offered in the more economical vial format. These products utilize the same needles and syringes that deliver insulin to diabetics. The needles are smaller than those used for vaccinations, and preparing the solution takes only a few minutes. Any option on the list below is an excellent choice for those adults who wish to save money while receiving the best HGH therapy. The medication is the same as in the various injector pens above.

HGH Brand Delivery Style

  • Humatrope: 5 mg vials
  • Omnitrope: 5.8 mg vials
  • Saizen: 5 and 8.8 mg vials
  • Zomacton: 5 and 10 mg vials

With so many options for HGH injections, there is a product to meet every budget and lifestyle need.

HGH Injections & Pricing

HGH injection pricing varies based on brand, dosage, injector style, and frequency of treatment. Medical consultation and evaluation, including blood testing, adds to the cost of human growth hormone therapy.

Some people naturally assume the HGH injection price in the USA is higher than that which you can find in other countries. In some ways, this is true. Unregulated and disreputable companies overseas often advertise much lower prices for their medications. In some cases, the quality is not what you would expect. More on this subject in the next section.

How are HGH prices determined once an adult is ready to begin human growth hormone therapy?

Upon completion of the consultation, examination, blood test, and medical history questionnaire, the doctor will assess the situation and determine if growth hormone deficiency is a concern and in need of treatment. If so, the next step is calculating the dosage based on age, gender, body composition, health, and level of hormone deficiency. Using that dosage, we can then determine which HGH products meet those requirements. At that time, an accurate cost of HGH treatment can be provided. Until then, the prices listed below are generalizations. The average cost of HGH ranges between $600 and $1,500, although many people may even pay less than that depending on their needs and brand selection.

Some of the HGH prices at the time of this posting:

  • Genotropin MiniQuick: $420 – $2,050
  • Humatrope Vial 5 mg: $1,000
  • Humatrope HumatroPen: $1,400 – $5,700
  • Norditropin FlexPro Pen: $1,235 – $3,250
  • Omnitrope Vial 5.8 mg: $528

Some of the pharmaceutical companies also offer support programs to help make HGH treatment affordable to adults. Please discuss available programs with one of our medical advisors.

HGH prices are more affordable today due to the plethora of options.

Cheap HGH Injections – Is it Real

Chances are you have already come across some of the websites that offer cheap HGH injections for sale. We have already alluded to this twice in this review, but the subject warrants more in-depth discussion. When you do find brand name HGH being sold at low prices, there is a significant chance the medication has been cut with another chemical so the seller can sell it cheaper to more people.

Unlike licensed US pharmacies, online purveyors of medications often have reduced regulations and little oversight from their governments. Many of these businesses hail from places in Asia where mass production of cheap medicines takes place in poorly designed factories and warehouses. Unsanitary conditions, sometimes toxic ingredients, and cost-cutting measures render the products dangerous to use. It is easy for a company to paste a fake label on a vial and ship it out as a brand name medication.

The other issue we find with cheap HGH for sale is the products being sold by cap color. That alone lets you know you are not buying a high-quality brand of HGH injections. Avoid these products at all costs – it is not just money you are saving, buy likely also your health.

Cheap HGH injections are not only low in price but typically low in quality.

Can I Buy HGH Injections Online Safely and Legally?

The online sale of human growth hormone injections is highly regulated in the US. The only companies allowed to sell HGH are licensed pharmacies. Unfortunately, legit operations make up only about 4% of the over 12,000 websites selling medications online. That means the chances of a legitimate and safe purchase are extremely slight.

Getting legal HGH injections for sale begins with the receipt of a doctor’s prescription to treat growth hormone deficiency. Only then can an online purchase be made within the confines of the law. Without a prescription, a person would have to resort to illegal websites, called the “black market.” That is when danger is possible.

The easiest way to buy injectable HGH for sale online is to turn to a national hormone clinic such as HGH Doctor for help. While the entire process does not take place online, we do provide phone consultations to reduce time and money expenditures.

The only safe and legal places to buy HGH injections online are from licensed US pharmacies.

Do I Need a Prescription for HGH Injections?

To get the best HGH injections for sale in the US, you must possess a prescription from a doctor in this country. That also means contacting a hormone doctor in the US – not traveling to another country to get a prescription.

Not only does the prescription allow you to purchase HGH legally, but it also lets you know how much HGH your body requires for optimum healing and health. Calculating the accurate HGH dosage is one of the most important steps in the diagnostic process. You want to ensure your doctor is a hormone specialist so that you get the proper treatment.

You must have a prescription to buy HGH injections legally in the US.

Conclusion – Where to Buy HGH Injections

Here at HGH Doctor hormone clinic, we take your health and well-being as seriously as you do. We also know that your time is valuable and that every dollar has to stretch farther today than in the past. To ease any burden or stress associated with getting HGH injections for sale, USA residents know they can count on our entire medical staff to maintain professional integrity and offer affordable treatment options.

To accomplish this mission, we begin with complimentary, confidential consultations by phone. This process eliminates the need to take off from work, plan around other activities, or interfere with your life in any way. Not only do you save by not having to go to the doctor’s office for multiple visits, but you also avoid the hefty fees of visiting a specialist.

Next, we have already prearranged the fees for the blood tests at affordable prices. Couple that with the ability to get a low-cost examination near you, and you have affordable hormone testing. With a variety of options for treatment, we can help you stay within your budget while getting the medical help you need to balance your hormone levels.

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