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Buy Testosterone OnlineMany people (men mostly) buy testosterone from an underground market. Black market websites can lead you into dangerous territory. If you are serious about discovering safe and legal information about how and where to buy testosterone online, then keep reading. However, if you are looking to get testosterone illegally without a doctor’s prescription, this is not the place for you.

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Low testosterone deficiency

Testosterone deficiency is a condition under continuous scrutiny and research. Doctors have been prescribing treatment with testosterone therapy to treat low testosterone and even depression for over 70 years. During that time, much has changed regarding the guidelines for treatment.

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If there is one hormone you should not ignore, it is testosterone in women. Testosterone is a vital hormone that also declines when a woman goes through her “change of life.” During menopause, many doctors focus on estrogen and progesterone. However, forgetting about testosterone can lead to a condition called “estrogen dominance.”

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Testosterone and Sperm Production

Testosterone is the primary male androgen (sex) hormone that is vital for pubertal maturation and sexual development. Although there are many other critical functions of testosterone in the body (metabolism, heart health, brain support), the process of spermatogenesis is foremost. What is the connection between testosterone and sperm production, and what happens when a man has Low T? Those are the questions we will answer.

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10 Best Foods That Boost Your Testosterone

Your dietary choices can go a long way in helping promote proper hormone production. There is a reason for the saying “you are what you eat.” Just as the right types of food can help your body, the wrong choices can hurt it. Aside from weight gain and poor health, making bad selections at meal time can hinder how your body manufactures hormones. In this report, we present you with the 10 best foods that boost your testosterone levels. We will also tell you which foods that lower testosterone you should avoid or limit.

As you get older, your body begins to decrease the manufacturing of crucial hormones that it still needs. You can help slow the decline by giving your body the fuel it needs to promote healthy hormone secretion.

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Testosterone Therapy for Erectile Dysfunction

Low testosterone levels do not always mean erectile dysfunction. Conversely, men with ED do not always have Low T. Of course, there are those who face the long list of symptoms associated with testosterone deficiency including ED. How do you know if using testosterone therapy for erectile dysfunction is the right choice for you?

First, let us talk about why testosterone therapy is helpful. Testosterone is the male sex hormone – although it is still important for the female sex drive, as well. When you are in your teenage, and early adult years, your body has more than enough testosterone to fuel its many functions. You feel virile and have no problem achieving and sustaining a hard erection.

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Does a Vasectomy Lower Testosterone Production

Before you undergo a vasectomy, make sure you read up on all the facts. You may be surprised at what you learn. Does a vasectomy lower testosterone production is one of the most commonly asked questions. It is often followed by an inquiry as to whether or not sexual desire, arousal, and performance will be affected.

We want to help you understand what is at stake if you get a vasectomy.

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For many years, doctors told men that testosterone therapy would increase their prostate cancer risk. However, the incidence of developing prostate cancer increases significantly as men age and their serum testosterone levels decline. That theory would then point to testosterone being protective of prostate health. So, how does high testosterone lead to prostate cancer if that is, in fact true? The research that led to this belief was from the early 1940s when Clarence Hodges and Charles Brenton Huggins noticed that prostate cancer stopped growing when testosterone production declined. Since doctors used testosterone-blocking hormone therapy as a method of prostate cancer treatment, the medical community long held to the belief that men previously diagnosed with prostate cancer must avoid testosterone replacement therapy (TRT).

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Getting older does not mean the body needs less sleep. The problem is that aging adults tend to sleep less than they did when they were young. A significant part of the issue may be due to changes in hormone production. That is why we present you with this information about sleep quality and testosterone levels. What you learn here may help you get a better night’s sleep tonight.

What is the relationship between sleep and testosterone levels?

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At the onset of conception, the embryo can develop into either a female or male, with reproductive system development beginning shortly after oocyte fertilization. The influence of testosterone in development of sexual anatomy, which helps stimulate male sex organs, does not commence until after the formation of the testes.

At the start of development, a group of cells begins to form that will make up the gonads. These cells have no female or male characteristics. The term used to describe this forming tissue is bipotential – meaning it can go in either direction. Without the stimulus to develop into a male, the fetus naturally becomes a female.

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