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Does HGH Gel Really Work

Does HGH Gel Really Work

February 4, 2022 hgh

HGH Gel.There is no such thing as “HGH gel.” Real HGH is a prescription medication, and it is only available as injections.

Growth hormone therapy is prescribed for people suffering from growth hormone deficiencies. Genuine HGH is a prescription medication known as somatropin. It is sold under various brand names, but it requires a doctor’s prescription and is only available as an injection.

Any product claiming to be “HGH” or contain HGH that you can buy without a prescription or that is available in any form other than an injectable liquid medication – including so-called “HGH gels” – are not genuine HGH and cannot by law, contain any HGH.

The question of “does HGH gel really work” is moot. Even if these products did what they said and have any ability to raise your HGH level -which is questionable – the more important answer is that they are misleading and mislabeled if they claim to be or contain any HGH.

What Is HGH Gel?

In a nutshell, HGH gel is a scam.

Let’s be clear. Other hormone replacement therapies such as testosterone replacement are available in various forms. In addition to testosterone injections, there are testosterone skin patches as well as testosterone creams and gels. This is in part how the distributors of so-called HGH gel rope unsuspecting people in. But make no mistake, HGH therapy is only given via injection. There is no such thing as HGH gel, an HGH patch, or an HGH cream.

Like similar products in pill form, HGH gels are sold as “nutritional supplements” and are therefore not regulated by the FDA as are authentic growth hormone products. These so-called HGH gels are sold as “supplements” or “homeopathic compounds” that do not require a prescription or medical consultation.

Despite being called “HGH gels,” these products – by law– contain virtually no HGH. That’s why they are available without a prescription. Still, the manufacturers market them as anti-aging HGH creams for wrinkles, weight loss, etc., in spite of the fact that these products do not work nor deliver anything near the effectiveness of genuine HGH.

These products are aggressively marketed, their claims of effectiveness are unsubstantiated, they are not HGH, they are not approved for the treatment of growth hormone deficiencies, and they should be avoided.

Homeopathic medicines contain deeply diluted versions of known pharmaceuticals so that they can be sold without a prescription. So-called “homeopathic HGH” like these gels that go under the names of Somaderm and Dermatropin contain, if anything – HGH that has been diluted down one nonillion times – that is one with 30 zeros behind it. To put that in perspective, a billion has 9 zeros! Such strong dilution eliminates the chance that there is even a single molecule of growth hormone in the cream, yet the makers can get away with calling it “HGH.”

Understand that there is not one legitimate clinical study that says these creams do anything that they say. Moreover, a search of the medical literature would reveal that there is not a single unbiased study to support the effectiveness of homeopathy to treat any condition – let alone something as serious as growth hormone deficiency.

What Are the Side Effects of HGH Gel?

Not only are HGH gels worthless in treating growth hormone deficiency or in boosting your HGH, since they are unregulated by the FDA, there are no guarantees of their safety or the safety of their ingredients.

Since homeopathic products are not regulated by the FDA, these products do not have to disclose all of their ingredients on the label, and you have no way of knowing if they may contain something you are allergic to or that may interact with some other drug you are taking, or otherwise cause you some adverse effects. This is yet another reason why such so-called HGH gels should be avoided.

Indeed, there have been numerous reviews on the side effects after using HGH gels by real people on social media where people have shared their stories of adverse reactions and side effects of HGH gels, including:

  • Weight gain
  • Mood swings
  • Skin rashes
  • Hot flashes
  • Headache
  • Hair loss
  • Nausea
  • Diarrhea
  • Insomnia
  • Achy joints
  • Loss of eyelashes
  • Hormonal changes
  • Rectal or vaginal bleeding

Do I Need a Prescription for HGH Gel?

No, but by now we hope you see buying them is just a waste of time and money.

Can I Buy HGH Gel Online?

Yes, but we hope you now see that doing so is a bad idea. These products are worthless at best and dangerous at worst.

How Much Does HGH Gel Cost

Of course, homeopathic HGH gels that you can buy online without a prescription are considerably cheaper than the thousands of dollars a month you may pay for genuine HGH injections. That is their main appeal. However, you would be spending your money on something virtually worthless. You could do more to boost your HGH level by spending the monthly cost of HGH gel on a gym membership and working out regularly!

HGH Gel Vs. HGH Injections

Difference between HGH Injections and  HGH Gel.Even if the amount of HGH in these HGH gel patches existed at therapeutic levels – (and remember they do not – so-called homeopathic medicines contain only infinitesimally minuscule amounts of the drug they claim to be), there is no evidence that HGH works applied as a gel or patch. Unlike other hormones such as estrogen and testosterone that can work absorbed through the skin, there is no evidence that HGH can. That is why a genuine prescription strength “HGH gel” has never come to market. Because of the chemical nature of HGH, the body only responds to it if it is injected directly into fatty tissue.

When properly prescribed for you, you can expect many benefits from HGH injections, such as increased muscle mass, loss of fat, and renewed energy.

For men and women who have been diagnosed with age-related GHD, genuine growth hormone injections have been found to:

  • Improve fat metabolism, resulting in lower body mass index (BMI)
  • Increase energy and stamina
  • Provide more restful sleep
  • Improve memory and other cognitive functions
  • Decrease anxiety and return life to more of an “even keel.”
  • Increase libido and improve sexual performance
  • Strengthen bones, and fight osteoporosis

In addition, HGH injections can also improve heart health by helping to reduce cholesterol and open blood vessels that have been clogged with arterial plaque.

But you only get these benefits from genuine HGH injections, not from any so-called HGH gel, cream, or pill.

Studies About the Benefits of Genuine HGH Therapy

While there is little or no evidence that HGH gels can do anything to raise HGH levels or treat growth hormone deficiency, the benefits of genuine growth hormone injections for patients suffering from age-related growth hormone deficiency have been well documented.

For example, in a 2013 study published in the Trusted sourceGrowth Hormone Replacement Delays the Progression of Chronic Heart Failure Combined With Growth Hormone Deficiency: An Extension of a Randomized Controlled Single-Blind StudyScienceDirectGo to sourceJournal of the American College of Cardiology, the researchers concluded that providing growth hormone replacement therapy to patients with chronic congestive heart failure could slow down the progression of the disease. “Although this is a preliminary study, the finding suggests a new therapeutic approach to a large proportion of growth-hormone-deficient patients with chronic heart failure,” the authors wrote.

A Trusted sourceEffects of Growth Hormone Administration on Muscle Strength in Men over 50 Years OldNCBIGo to source2019 study looking at the impact of HGH replacement on muscle strength and tone in older men said that “Our study demonstrated an increase in muscle strength in the lower body part after HGH therapy in healthy men.” The study involved fourteen healthy men aged 50–70 years, whose baseline muscle strength was determined by leg press and bench press exercises, which focus primarily on quadriceps, the lower body part of the body, and pectoralis major—upper body part. After six months of HGH replacement therapy, the men in the HGH group did not show much difference in upper body strength, as determined by bench presses, but showed “significant” increases in lower body strength as indicted by vast improvements in strength in the leg presses.

An earlier Trusted sourceTwo Years of Growth Hormone (GH) Treatment Increase Isometric and Isokinetic Muscle Strength in GH-Deficient AdultsOxford University PressGo to sourcestudy in 1997 found that two years of growth hormone therapy in patients who were known to have weakened muscles due to growth hormone deficiency provided significant increases in “isokinetic muscle torque.” The researchers concluded that this study provided “convincing evidence that HGH and IGF-I have a regulatory effect on muscle morphology, function, and metabolism.”

The benefits of HGH for weight loss have been well documented in various research studies. One of the earliest studies on the benefits of HGH – the landmark Trusted sourceEffects of Human Growth Hormone in Men over 60 Years OldThe New England Journal of MedicineGo to source“Rudman Study” — found that the HGH can result in up to a 14% reduction of body fat with no additional exercising or dieting. Using a typical double-blind protocol, the study included men over 60 receiving three HGH injections per week. The study found that there was a decrease of 14% in body fat and an increase of 8.8% muscle mass with no extra exercise, and there was also a slight increase in bone density. This study proves that HGH therapy can be used for weight loss without any additional exercise or lifestyle changes. However, we know that for the best and quickest results, a diet and exercise in combination with HGH therapy results in optimal weight loss.

A more recent study on the effect of HGH therapy on weight loss found that for those in the study, “the range of loss in the first four weeks was between 9-17% of total body fat.” That is significant weight loss within a noticeably short period of time of taking HGH injections.

Now that you know the truth about HGH gels, why not contact us today, and find out more about the many life-changing benefits of real growth hormone therapy?


Human growth hormone, or HGH, is a naturally occurring polypeptide hormone produced in the pituitary gland. It is the primary hormone that influences growth and development. Although HGH is critical in the process of a child growing normally into an adult, it still plays a vital role throughout our lives. HGH is vital to almost every metabolic process your body requires.

No. There is no such thing as "over-the-counter" or "non-prescription" HGH. Authentic HGH is a controlled substance available only with a doctor's prescription. Any product that is claiming to be HGH or contain HGH that you can buy online -particularly so-called HGH gels -- from a magazine or off the shelf of a vitamin store -cannot, by law – contain any actual human growth hormone.

HGH therapy is 100% legal and approved by the FDA for the treatment of children and adults who have been diagnosed with a growth hormone deficiency. However, it is illegal to use HGH WITHOUT a doctor's prescription. Using growth hormone without a doctor's prescription is not only against the law, but it can also be hazardous to your health.

Growth hormone therapy is designed to replace the HGH that your body is no longer making enough of. The benefits of HGH have been well-documented. Originally, HGH therapy was used mainly to treat children who were failing to achieve normal height. Since its discovery and original use, researchers have looked into other benefits of HGH -- specifically, its anti-aging properties for older men and women.

You cannot start growth hormone therapy without a doctor's prescription. However, getting a prescription for growth hormone injections, if you truly need one, is not that difficult. In fact, it only takes these five simple steps.

  • Fill out an online medical history form – This first step is indeed the only step in the process of getting HGH injections that can be done online.
  • See a doctor –If your online medical history form indicates that you are a good candidate for HGH therapy, the next step is to see your doctor. He or she will discuss your medical history in further detail, ask you more about your symptoms, and take a complete physical exam.
  • Laboratory hormone testing – Once you have completed your physical exam, you will be referred to a laboratory to have the hormone levels in your blood tested.
  • You will obtain a prescription for a program of HGH injections -  If the results of your laboratory tests indicate that you have an HGH deficiency, your doctor will prescribe a dosage of growth hormone injections to suit your needs and lifestyle.
  • Your HGH will be delivered to you – Your prescription for HGH therapy will be forwarded to one of the pharmacies we work with that specializes in filling prescriptions for HGH injections. The pharmacy, in turn, will deliver your HGH therapy supplies to you.
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