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Our Editorial Process

Our Editorial Process

At HGH Doctor, we know that trust does not come naturally – it is earned. That is why we provide you with information that is current, accurate, researched, straightforward, and actionable. This look into how we create our content will give you more of an understanding of how we focus on your health and well-being.
Today, the internet has made it easier than ever for people to gather the information they seek. Unfortunately, not everything you read is relevant, truthful, or usable. Sorting through the layers of information can be overwhelming, even for the most experienced medical professionals. HGH Doctor does the research for you, weeding out the misinformation and providing you with the latest facts about our topics. By providing you with clear and precise health information that you can understand without a lot of long and confusing medical terminology, you can make the best healthcare decisions for you and your family.

With every article we publish, we review it from our reader’s perspective. We ask ourselves these questions:
Is the information presented in a clear and understandable format?

Will the reader find the information usable?

The answers to these questions must be yes, or we do not publish the article. We know that you are looking for fact-based guidance when you inquire about a specific health care issue or medical condition. HGH Doctor is here to provide you with the answers you seek.
By offering you suggestions for how to improve your overall well-being, we enable you to make the choices that work for your life. Our content provides you with answers, viewpoints, solutions, and suggestions – giving you free rein over your journey to optimum health.

Our Mission

At HGH Doctor, our mission is to provide men and women with the information they seek and the customized hormone balancing programs that enable them to enjoy life at any age.

Our Content Creation Process

At HGH Doctor, we strive to create the highest-quality content and reader experience through research and informative writing. Our staff of writers, editors, and medical professionals follow the highest journalistic standards to provide you with unbiased, factual, and comprehensive guidance you can put forth in your life.

Accuracy First

Our editorial process ensures the accuracy of each article by following these steps:

  1. Research
  2. Write
  3. Edit
  4. Medical Review
  5. Editorial Corrections – If Necessary
  6. Publish
  7. Update When Necessary

Our Team

At HGH Doctor, our creative content team consists of medical researchers, writers, editors, doctors, nurses, clinicians, and other contributors. Our writers are held to the highest journalism standards and create content that is informative and useful to our readers. Our medical professionals are experts in the field of hormone replacement therapy, ensuring that the information you receive is accurate.

Our Sources, References, and Citations

The information we provide comes from medical journals, scientific studies, academic research institutions, and peer-reviewed studies. We gather this information from a variety of well-respected medical sources and provide links to many of these sources.

Current Content

Because the medical field is constantly evolving with new research and studies, HGH Doctor provides emerging information, occasionally amending prior writings when necessary. We update our articles to feature new findings in accordance with the following:

  • New clinical guidelines
  • Emerging research changing standards of care
  • Drug recalls or approvals
  • Medical practice recommendations

Care and Empathy

You, our readers and clients, are the primary focus of everything we do. We know that hormonal imbalance can change your life in ways that alter your daily performance and quality of life. Our high standards of care put you first. Our content considers your viewpoint, allowing us to be empathetic to your needs.
HGH Doctor utilizes language that is conversational, easy to read, and understandable. We are transparent, respectful, conscientious, and compassionate. Our reader-focused content leads you to steps that are clear and actionable.

We Welcome Your Feedback

HGH Doctor wants to provide you with the best reader experience possible. We encourage you to contact us with feedback, questions, or suggestions.
For questions or comments about the accuracy of our content, how to incorporate our information in your life, or if you feel an article needs review, you can contact us through the contact form on every page or via our contact page.