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HGH Injections vs. Gels, Patches, Pills

HGH Injections vs. Gels, Patches, Pills

November 22, 2018 hgh

HGH Injections vs Gels Patches and PillsDue to the overwhelming success of HGH injection therapy for adults with growth hormone deficiency, it should come as no surprise that companies want to cash in on the profits. No discussion of HGH injections vs. gels, patches, pills, or other products would be complete without first mentioning that there are unscrupulous individuals and companies ready to make a fast dollar at someone else’s expense.

That being said, if you have done any research on human growth hormone therapy, you have likely seen HGH gels for sale. Some products even claim that they are FDA registered. Now, this is where the waters get murky. Do you know the difference between FDA registered and FDA approved? The companies selling these products hope that you do not! For a product to be registered for sale in the US, it only has to register with the FDA. There is nothing about effectiveness involved. Getting approved for sale means that the item has demonstrated it does what it says through rigorous review.

Before you lay out any of your hard-earned money for HGH gels, do the research. Now, this is where the waters get even muddier. You will find products claiming incredible results. You may even see some independent websites reviewing a “leading” brand and recommending it for use. How do you know who the reviewer is? Many companies create “bogus” websites used to present information about their product from a neutral “third party.” It is very difficult to uncover the truth behind the claims and reviewers.

For this same reason, we caution you against buying HGH pills for weight loss. You will see these products all over the internet. Why? For the mere fact that growth hormone helps to regulate your metabolism. If your metabolism is working properly, you can expect to have more energy and less fat retention. It is much the same as with advertisements about using HGH gel for weight loss. If you can stimulate fat-burning potential with human growth hormone injections, why not with these products?

Because they do not work. Let us explain what HGH is. Human growth hormone is a polypeptide protein molecule consisting of 191 amino acids in a single chain. The amino acids have a specific sequence that must be followed in detail through recombinant DNA technology to be an identical match to the body’s natural HGH. One change and you do not have a match.

Now, the HGH molecule is large, relatively speaking. Attempts to manipulate the HGH molecule through the skin, oral, or nasal membranes have failed time and again. The only way science has found to get bioidentical HGH into the bloodstream is via an injection where it can then absorb through the blood vessels. That is why when people ask do HGH patches work, the answer is no. Real HGH cannot penetrate the skin.

Only HGH injections have the same molecular structure as real human growth hormones and can absorb into the bloodstream.

What Are HGH Gels and Do They Work?

When comparing HGH injections vs. gels, patches, pills, and other products, it is vital to get the facts. Let us talk about the fancy adds you might have seen advertising HGH gel and weight loss. The diet industry is big business. Weight gain in the US is astronomical, made worse by fast food and prepackaged meals. If you could lose weight by paying the HGH gel cost and rubbing it on your skin, wouldn’t you jump at the chance?

Of course, you would. HGH gels are not cheap. If they are, it means they do not work. Does that mean the expensive HGH gels work? After all, they have plenty of HGH gel before and after photos and testimonials on their websites.

Who do you think created those pictures and testimonials? The company, of course. Yes, thousands of people may be benefitting from these products. Anything that advertises 22 super ingredients must be great. (Oh, did you read where it said inredients, instead?) Those 75,000 happy customers contain an untold number of affiliates. Yes, that is right. The most advertised form of homeopathic gel is a multi-level marketing company. Do HGH gels work to help make the people at the top a lot of money? Yes, they do. You will likely be pressured into becoming an affiliate because of all the money you can save and make. For a mere $600 investment, you can save on all your future shipments, and sell this to your friends.

We will admit the product is enticing. After all, it does contain 30x homeopathic HGH. Gel side effects are probably non-existent because there is nothing dangerous in the product. As for the homeopathic HGH, by the time the process of making a product homeopathic is complete, there is nothing of the real substance left in it. Real HGH requires a doctor’s prescription. If these products contained real HGH, you could not buy them without doctor authorization.

What Are HGH Patches and How Do They Work?

Next up in our review of HGH injections vs. gels, patches, pills, and more are the HGH patches. Again, you will see many types of HGH patches for sale. They may claim to contain up to 25 mg of real human growth hormone. Are they FDA approved? No, there is not a single HGH product that is not an injectable that currently holds approval.

Nevertheless, you may even see some hormone clinics advertising these HGH patches. Do they work if doctors are offering them for sale? Currently, the only valid research on HGH patches was done back in 2014 with microneedle patches. The microneedles were dipped into recombinant HGH then allowed to dry. However, clinical trials have not yet been released, and these products are not for sale at this time.

If it were to come to light through trial and research that viable HGH patch benefits become available, we will definitely provide that information here on our website. At this time, there is no legitimate research to back up the claims of these products.

What Are HGH Pills and Do They Work?

Perhaps the most distressing of all claims when comparing HGH injections vs. gels, patches, pills, and other products is those of HGH pills. This is where we must draw the line on fake claims.

Some of the HGH pills benefits that you will find advertised is that they promote optimal HGH production. In theory, that would be true. However, your body will not let that happen. Products such as these that you take orally would have to make it through the digestive enzymes in the stomach and past the liver to enter the bloodstream and arrive at the pituitary gland. Then, what tiny amount was left would have to stimulate the somatotrophs (HGH producing cells) to increase HGH production.

Even if the smallest amount of an HGH releaser (as these products are known) did make it through, it would take months before you would see even the slightest change. While there are no real HGH pills side effects, the fact is that they do not work.

However, there is a caveat to that. Because these products do not require any testing, we offer this word of caution about HGH pills – buy them with great care if you must. Many of these products are not safe to use. You have no guarantee of what is in the bottle. The same applies to HGH powders that you ingest. We cannot warn enough about avoiding all forms of oral HGH.

Why Do HGH Injections Work the Best?

While there is no such thing as HGH pills that work, and that is based on years of research and proof, there is a viable option. A clear comparison of HGH injections vs. gels, patches, pills, and other items always shows injectable HGH to provide the best results.

When you inject real, doctor-prescribed HGH into your body, you are giving it exactly what it needs. The doctor carefully calculates how much HGH is required for each person. You will be able to restore growth hormone balance in the safest, most effective manner.

Yes, you may see an advertisement for HGH gel anti-aging benefits, but where is the legitimate, independent medical research to back up the claims? Remember what we stated about companies creating “independent” websites to provide a plethora of information about how their products work.

You will not get the same HGH gel effects that you get from HGH injections. There is no real HGH left after completion of the homeopathic process.

The closest “relative” to HGH injections may be the HGH patches that claim to have 25 mg real HGH. However, that is not enough human growth hormone to make a significant difference for most people. Again, there is no real scientific research available on the HGH patch, side effects, benefits, or efficacy. At this time, we cannot recommend them for use.

How to Choose the Best HGH Therapy

We know that many people who look at buying HGH hormone gel or patches do so to save money. HGH therapy is relatively expensive. Of course, there are brands and injector options that can significantly lower the cost or real HGH. Omnitrope and Zomacton are two high-quality HGH brands that do everything they can to make the treatment affordable.

Rather than looking to HGH injections vs. gels, patches, pills, and other items, there is still one more option: sermorelin.

What is sermorelin?

Sermorelin is an actual secretagogue, something many of these over-the-counter products claim to be. The difference is that sermorelin actually works. While you will need a doctor’s prescription for it, sermorelin will enter the bloodstream via an injection and go straight to the pituitary gland to increase HGH secretion. Best of all, sermorelin is extremely safe and very affordable.

Please contact our hormone clinic for a free telephone consultation with a medical advisor before you spend any money on over-the-counter HGH products. Let us help you find the right treatment for your needs.

Speak with a medical advisor at our hormone clinic to find out which type of HGH is best for you. Telephone consultations are free of charge.

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