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Does Homeopathic HGH Work?

Does Homeopathic HGH Work?

August 20, 2019 hgh

Does Homeopathic HGH WorkHomeopathic HGH is not the same thing as doctor-prescribed human growth hormone injections. On a molecular level, bioidentical HGH has the same chemical structure as naturally produced pituitary somatotropin – the chemical name for growth hormone.

Both HGH injections and somatotropin consist of 191 amino acids in a single chain polypeptide protein. That is not what you get with homeopathic HGH. Does homeopathic HGH work the same as human growth hormone injections? Because they are not the same thing, the answer is no; homeopathic HGH does not produce the same results as HGH injections. Upon injection, real HGH enters the bloodstream and travels to growth hormone receptor cells to bind with them and activate their functions. There are no HGH molecules in homeopathic products that can do that.

There is also a considerable difference in the benefits of HGH. Homeopathic HGH does not directly increase growth hormone levels in the body. The science of homeopathy is entirely different from that of hormone replacement therapy.

In this report, we will discuss the following aspects of homeopathic HGH; does it work, what it is, the difference between real and homeopathic HGH, is it safe, and how to know if you are getting real HGH. These issues are of importance to discuss because adults who have growth hormone deficiency are at risk of developing other, more serious health conditions, such as:

  • Cardiovascular disease
  • Osteoporosis
  • Dementia
  • Obesity
  • Type 2 diabetes

These concerns are very real and receiving treatment that can improve growth hormone levels and reduce these risks is important.

Homeopathic HGH is not the same as pharmaceutical HGH injections and will not produce similar results.

What Is Homeopathic HGH?

Homeopathy is an entirely different type of science, one that works on a law of similar – using a substance similar to one to stimulate its balance. As we begin to answer, what is homeopathic HGH, we first examine the two theories behind its practice:

  • “Law of Minimum Dose” – in this belief, homeopathic practitioners hold that using a lower dose of a medication can result in greater effectiveness. Because homeopathic products are extremely diluted, there are no original molecules left behind in the product.
  • “Like Cures Like” – the ability to cure a disease with a substance that would produce symptoms of the disease in healthy people.

How is homeopathic HGH made? The process is one that consists of taking a minute quantity of an organic material and putting it through a series of steps that dilute the substance over and over until there is nothing left of the original material. Practitioners of homeopathy believe that the finished product has more potency than the original chemical.

Does homeopathic HGH work to reverse growth hormone deficiency?

As with most homeopathic products, there is little to no legitimate, unbiased research to back up the claims. In 2015, the National Health and Medical Research Trusted sourceBuilding a Healthy AustraliaGo to sourceCouncil of Australia concluded that no reliable evidence exists of homeopathic effectiveness for any health condition.

Homeopathic HGH is a heavily diluted product that contains no real human growth hormones to activate GH receptor cells.

What Is the Difference between Real and Homeopathic HGH?

Homeopathy practitioners believe that homeopathic HGH benefits are similar to those of HGH therapy. That is not the case. Homeopathic HGH contains no real human growth hormones so it cannot provide the GH receptor cells with any HGH for binding and activation of their functions. Pharmaceutical HGH injections consist of the same 191 amino acids in the same molecular structure as naturally secreted somatotropin.

How does homeopathic HGH work?

According to some homeopathy reports, homeopathic HGH diluted 30x can produce some of the same results as real HGH injections, yet scientific research does not back this up. Could it be a placebo effect? That is also possible. In legitimate double-blind medical studies of medications, there are always people in the control group that see some benefits. In some cases, it is a “mind over matter” effect.

The premise behind homeopathic HGH is similar to that of over-the-counter HGH releasers or boosters. These products claim to stimulate the pituitary gland to increase HGH production. The only medications that have been shown effective for that are sermorelin and ipamorelin – both which require a prescription.

Only pharmaceutical HGH contains the same 191 amino acids in a single chain polypeptide protein as naturally secreted somatotropin.

Is homeopathic HGH safe to use?

As with any homeopathic product, there is no Trusted sourceSafety review updateGo to sourceFDA evaluation of HGH sold in this form. The Federal Food and Drug Agency only regulates homeopathic products as drugs, yet it does not evaluate them for effectiveness or safety. It requires that they contain active ingredients listed in the Homeopathic Pharmacopeia of the United States and that the package label or leaflet include ingredients, how many times the active ingredient was diluted, directions, and at least one medical condition to be treated. All major medical conditions require a prescription for homeopathic products. Minor health issues such as headaches, colds, or other problems that can resolve on their own without medical intervention can use over-the-counter homeopathic products. Because homeopathic products are not approved or tested, they may not meet safety, quality, and effectiveness standards.

Homeopathic HGH is highly diluted, as with all forms of homeopathic products. However, that does not mean they are always properly diluted to the point they need to be for safety. If a particular brand contains too much of the initial active ingredients, drug interactions are possible. There is also a risk of homeopathic HGH side effects.

When is homeopathic HGH safe or dangerous – How do you know?

There is no way of knowing if a product is safe unless it has been independently tested. Some homeopathic products contain heavy metals that are not diluted enough, or they may contain higher levels of alcohol then you find in conventional medication.

Does homeopathic HGH work safely in the body?

Some practitioners of homeopathy warn their patients that they may experience a condition called “homeopathic aggravation,” a temporary worsening of some of their symptoms. This is a rare occurrence, and there is little research on it.

HGH Doctor does not recommend homeopathic HGH as it is untested for efficacy, quality, and safety.

How to Know If You Are Getting Real or Homeopathic HGH?

Unlike homeopathic HGH which you can get from the internet or store shelves, real HGH comes only from licensed pharmacies. Although you can find HGH injections for sale on the internet (often counterfeit and unsafe), foreign companies do not care about US laws. They know they are free from prosecution and do not tell buyers that they face legal action if caught purchasing prescription medication from out of the country without a prescription.

When you want the benefits of real HGH, homeopathic pills, drops, sprays, and other products are not the way to go. They cannot raise growth hormone levels in the body the same way as HGH injections.

The results of HGH homeopathic remedies are not the same. Whereas HGH injections immediately provide the body with an increased amount of growth hormones, it may take months before the effects of homeopathic HGH begin to appear – if at all.

So, in answer to the question, does homeopathic HGH work, HGH Doctor hormone clinic says no, at this time we have seen no proof of any research that supports their claims.

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