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Can I Get HGH Over the Counter?

Can I Get HGH Over the Counter?

December 17, 2018 hgh

HGH Over the Counter

For anyone asking can I get HGH over the counter, human growth hormone can mean one of two things:

  • The naturally secreted pituitary hormone also called somatotropin
  • The bioidentical supplement HGH also known as somatropin available only by prescription

That makes the answer to the question can you get HGH over the counter a resounding no.

Of course, that does not stop unscrupulous companies from offering both real and HGH and homeopathic supplements for sale. It is imperative to understand what you are buying when you look for over-the-counter (OTC) HGH products. We will explain the differences in the sections below.

Know the difference between real HGH and homeopathic or other supplements before buying HGH over the counter.

What Is the Difference between Over-the-Counter HGH and Prescription HGH?

Prescription HGH (somatropin) is a medication authorized for use by doctors to treat growth hormone deficiency. Regulations are very clear as to when and how HGH injections get prescribed. The doctor will run blood tests to document a verifiable GH deficiency. Only then can an individual receive an HGH prescription.

Real HGH prescribed by a hormone specialist is identical to the 191 amino acid polypeptide hormone the pituitary gland secretes. Its molecular structure is the same as Trusted sourceGrowth Hormone (Somatotropin)VIVO PathophysiologyGo to sourcesomatotropin , so it is readily absorbed and utilized by growth hormone receptor cells.

For people asking can I get HGH over the counter, no legitimate product is identical to natural somatotropin that you can buy in a store. When you look for OTC versions of HGH, what you will likely find are items claiming to be HGH boosters, releasers, or enhancers. These products consist of various amino acids, herbs, and other supplements that you can take by mouth, under the tongue, or apply to the skin. There is no real HGH in these products. The purpose of these enhancers is to boost natural growth hormone production. That is not the same thing as directly increasing HGH levels. There is currently no proof that these products work.

Homeopathic HGH, on the other hand, may have started with a small amount of real HGH before it was processed and diluted many times. By the time a homeopathic HGH product reaches the store shelves, there is no HGH left in it.

Real HGH is not the same thing as homeopathic or other over the counter forms of HGH for sale in stores.

What Type of HGH Can I Buy Over the Counter?

The many supplements that line store shelves that contain the letters HGH are not real human growth hormones. HGH may be in big bold letters, but a close examination of the packaging often yields a further explanation of what it contains. The most common products advertising themselves as some form of HGH include ingredients such as arginine, glutamine, lysine, and ornithine. These amino acids are regularly found in a variety of sports enhancement supplements. They have their place for use for some people. However, they are not real HGH.

Because there are websites engaged in the illegal sale of supposedly real HGH, it is crucial to understand some essential facts before you make a purchase. Federal law requires all HGH injections purchased in this country to have a prescription. To buy real HGH without a prescription, you would have to resort to black market websites. These companies operate overseas in other countries that do not have our strict safety regulations in place. You could receive counterfeit and potentially dangerous medications when making this type of purchase. Since you will also be providing your credit card information to an unknown source, you risk consumer fraud and identity theft.

Where can I get HGH over the counter so that I do not have to provide my credit card information on the internet?

To get HGH over the counter that contains real human growth hormones, you would need a prescription that you could take to a legitimate pharmacy. The pharmacist would then be able to sell you the HGH injections in person.

Real HGH can only be purchased from a pharmacy with a valid prescription.

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