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How Alcohol Impacts HGH Levels

How Alcohol Impacts HGH Levels

November 29, 2018 hgh

How Alcohol Impacts HGH Levels

Alcohol is good for you – alcohol is bad for you. Which is the truth? With each new study about alcohol, the tide turns, and you walk away more confused. Unfortunately, the answer is not black and white on this subject. A detailed look at how alcohol impacts HGH levels yields important information that can help you maximize your hormone production.

There is a definite connection between the consumption of alcohol and HGH levels. Alcoholic beverages contain empty calories. There is no nutritional factor of any consequence in alcohol. Your liver must work hard to process and remove that alcohol from your bloodstream. Doing so takes the liver away from its other functions. Instead of focusing on converting the food you eat into usable fuel for later, the liver must deal with the alcohol. For that reason, many people often experience a significant drop in blood sugar in the middle of the night after an evening of drinking.

Of course, the outcome of excess alcohol consumption is often weight gain. You may not think much about that extra pound or two, but your hormones certainly do. Extra weight can further decrease hormone production, lowering your HGH levels.

What about HGH injections and alcohol can they be mixed?

Alcohol intake is NOT recommended while administering HGH therapy. Aside from the fact that alcohol will interfere with sleep and hormone production, it also causes problems for ATP. Adenosine triphosphate (ATP) is the source of energy for muscles. Alcohol interrupts muscle cell water balance, interfering the ability of the muscle cells to produce ATP. Without enough ATP to stimulate muscle contraction, you could notice muscle pain, spasms, and other issues. That is also why the risk of waking up to painful muscle spasms in the legs increases when you drink.

The Bottom Line: Alcohol consumption can interfere with HGH levels.

What Happens to HGH Levels When You Drink Alcohol?

This biggest impact of alcohol and HGH production occurs before bed. Clearly, most people do their drinking at night. The closer to bedtime that you consume alcohol, the greater the risk that it will interfere with sleep and hormone production.

Think about how well you sleep after having consumed alcohol. Do you wake up to use the bathroom in the middle of the night? Have you been told you snore more after drinking? Most people experience some form of restless sleep in association with alcohol consumption.

The diagram below shows how alcohol impacts HGH levels:

This example of the connection between HGH and alcohol shows how nighttime drinking can impact sleep and hormone production.

Is It Possible to Consume Alcohol and Maintain Healthy HGH Levels?

Do not think that we are saying that all alcohol consumption is bad. There I certainly proof that one glass of wine three times a week can be good for the heart. What you do not want to do is to drink every day. The connection between HGH and alcohol consumption goes further than interfering with sleep. If you have growth hormone deficiency, your immune system, brain functions, metabolism, libido, and health will suffer. Since HGH regulates cell regeneration, your internal organs may shrink, and you will lose bone and muscle mass. Additionally, your skin and hair will show signs of aging.

Now that you know how alcohol impacts HGH levels, here are some steps to drink safely and reduce the impact on your hormones:

  • Always eat before consuming alcohol. Having food in your stomach helps absorb the alcohol so that it does not enter your bloodstream in higher concentrations. Fiber, fat, and protein are the best options.
  • Remember to hydrate throughout the evening. Have one glass of water before you start drinking, and then continue to consume water (one glass to one drink ratio) while having alcohol.
  • Do not mix alcohol and weight training. If you drink on days you work your muscles, you interfere with your muscles getting the beneficial effects they need from HGH.
  • Change what you drink. The healthiest alcoholic beverages are cocktails made with club soda or tonic or sparkling water. Wine spritzers are another good option.

The Bottom Line: If you drink conscientiously, alcohol should have little impact on HGH levels.

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