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Difference Between Neurotransmitters and Hormones

Any look at the difference between neurotransmitters and hormones can leave you feeling a bit confused. Although neurotransmitters are part of a different system than hormones and have unique functions and jobs, they can also be quite similar. In fact, some hormones are neurotransmitters and visa versa.

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Hormone That Makes You Happy Is There More Than One

In this busy, crazy, and sometimes very stressful world, we often need all the help we can get to boost our spirits. We can look to others to make us happy, but, what we really need is to create the right chemical reaction inside our brains. At any given moment, our bloodstream is filled with a variety of chemical messengers called hormones. These messengers move through the bloodstream in search of their targeted receptors where they will deliver their signal. When it comes to emotions, there is more than one hormone that makes you happy, and that is what we will explore below.

It is said that happiness is a state of mind, and nothing could be truer. Happiness comes from within the mind, deep inside the brain where hormones interact with and bind to their receptors. The result of this binding can affect one’s health, emotions, and brain functions.

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Steroid Hormones

Steroid hormones are fat-soluble hormones that fall into one of two classifications: corticosteroids and sex steroids. Corticosteroids come from the adrenal cortex whereas sex steroids from the sexual organs such as the testes and ovaries. Some of these chemical messengers are precursor hormones – meaning they have little biological effect on the body but are extremely powerful once converted into other hormones.

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Bioidentical Hormones

It is easy to get confused by the terms “bioidentical,” “traditional,” “natural,” “synthetic,” and “compounded” when talking about hormone replacement therapy. It often seems as though one must have a medical degree to understand their differences. Although we are here to explain the benefits of bioidentical hormones, we will also touch on what the other terms mean.

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Stress Hormones

Every hormone has its place in the body – even the stress hormones. There are times when your body needs you to be alert and ready to react to a potentially dangerous situation. Stress hormones, also called glucocorticoids, can improve your reactivity time.

The stress hormones definition will change from one hormone to another. Together, they are a group of hormones that impact the blood, tissues, and brain. Their purpose is to prepare the body for some form of emergency action. By doing so, they make it possible for the skeletal muscles to propel the body away from danger. These hormones send an increased blood supply to the muscles so that they have the necessary oxygen and fuel to respond at a moment’s notice.

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