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Can HGH Improve Memory Functions?

Can HGH Improve Memory Functions?

November 29, 2018 hgh

HGH Improve Memory Functions

One well-deserved fear of aging adults is memory loss. Whether we are looking at mild forgetfulness, dementia, or Trusted sourceWhat Is Alzheimer’s Disease?Alzheimer`s associationGo to sourceAlzheimer’s disease , the concern is the same – and justified. Trusted sourceAlzheimer's Disease Fact SheetU.S Department of Health & Human ServicesGo to sourceRoughly 5.7 million adults in America have Alzheimer’s right now. 200,000 of them are under age 65. That is why we research can HGH improve memory functions. If so, human growth hormone therapy can be a life-changer for many people.

Worldwide, dementia impacts approximately 50 million people. Nearly 10 million new cases are diagnosed each year. Before you become the next statistic, get tested for growth hormone deficiency.

How does HGH work for memory loss in adults?

The first part of the process begins with HGH signaling the liver to release insulin growth factor 1. Why is this crucial to the brain and memory? IGF-1 is the mediator of many HGH functions, including how it impacts the brain. Both IGF-1 and HGH have receptors in the brain that require their binding to carry out processes that include:

  • Increasing neurotransmitter concentration in the brain – neurotransmitters deliver the signals between neurons
  • Influencing the brain’s glial cells that nourish the neurons
  • Preventing apoptosis – cellular death
  • Increasing formation of dendrites – neuronal receivers of signals

HGH, along with IGF-1, works directly on brain neurons and neurotransmitters to improve memory functions.

What is the Impact of HGH Deficiency on Memory?

Growth hormone deficiency can cause you to become forgetful, lose focus, and make mistakes. For many adults, fear of dementia is very real. Perhaps they watched a parent or other loved one navigating the world of memory loss. To think that you may wake up one day and not recognize your spouse or child is terrifying. With HGH causing memory problems due to its decline, it is vital to understand the impact on everyone involved.

For the person suffering from low HGH and memory loss, the world can become a scary place. All of a sudden, you find yourself forgetting why you entered a room. Then you cannot remember where you placed your glasses, keys, phone, etc. Perhaps you forgot to take your medication – or you took an extra dose. When the situation worsens, you may wander off into danger.

Those who are close to an individual suffering from memory loss live each day in fear of what will happen next. It places a burden on and increases the stress of the ones we love.

How can HGH improve memory functions when these changes occur? When you are growth hormone deficient, your brain’s GH receptors do not get the signals they need to perform. By utilizing HGH therapy, you increase the blood concentration of growth hormone to the receptors. The result is improved brain and memory functions.

HGH deficiency can cause forgetfulness and memory loss.

Can HGH Reverse Memory Loss?

There have already been numerous studies on HGH and memory, both in young and old adults. The analysis of data on males and females, healthy and not healthy, growth hormone deficient and those with normal levels of HGH continue to show us the benefits of HGH for memory and cognitive functions.

One area of research that clearly answers can HGH improve memory functions has to do with individuals who suffer from the effects of opioid abuse. In Sweden, researchers discovered that brain cells targeted for apoptosis (cellular death) could be salvaged by HGH injections.

How can HGH improve memory once damage to the brain occurs?

HGH helps to rekindle the formation of new nerve cells, especially in the hippocampus region of the brain. Another benefit of HGH therapy is increased cerebral blood flow.

HGH therapy has been shown to reverse memory loss in patients with damage due to opiate abuse.

What Memory Benefits Can I Expect from HGH Therapy?

The use of supplemental HGH for memory improvement is exceedingly promising as research continues to move forward. Studies of HGH for patients with Alzheimer’s disease, dementia, stroke, opiate abuse, traumatic brain injury, and even ALS are ongoing.

How can HGH improve memory functions in the average adult who does not have a diagnosis of one of the issues above?

Human growth hormone receptors are abundant in the brain. They control not only memory, but also learning, focus, and emotional state. Since HGH helps keep cortisol levels low, it reduces stress and improves sleep. The better you sleep, the more focused you are during the day.

Since HGH works directly on its brain receptors, human growth hormone therapy helps to stimulate and improve learning, focus, and memory. You can expect quicker recall of previously stored information. Mental fog disappears, and cognitive functions improve.

To learn more about how HGH therapy can help you, please contact our hormone clinic. There is no charge for the confidential phone consultation with a medical advisor.

HGH therapy works directly on growth hormone receptors in the brain to improve memory.

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