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June 10, 2020 testosterone

Understanding Testosterone LevelsTestosterone production is controlled by the pituitary gland. Testosterone is primarily produced by the gonads – the testes in men, and the ovaries in woman. Your testosterone level is a measure of the testosterone in your bloodstream.Your testosterone levels depend on your age, sex, and general health. As you might imagine, the normal testosterone level for males is much higher than for females. However, having adequate amounts of testosterone is important for both genders.

May 19, 2020 hgh

Human Growth Hormone OverviewHuman growth hormone, or HGH, is a naturally-occurring polypeptide hormone produced in the pituitary gland. It is the primary hormone that influences growth and development.

Although HGH is critical in the process of a child growing normally into an adult, it still plays a vital role throughout our lives. HGH is vital to almost every metabolic process your body requires.

October 11, 2019 testosterone

Does Testosterone Hormone Affect SpermThe male testes carry out two critical functions – testosterone and sperm production. Testosterone is one of the most important hormones for the male body, as it supports muscle and bone mass, metabolism, libido, hair growth, red blood cell production, brain functions, heart health, and fertility. How does testosterone hormone affect sperm count and what happens when someone has low testosterone levels?

October 4, 2019 testosterone

Testosterone and Bone DensityThe subject of testosterone and bone density is one that ALL adults need to pay attention to in order to prevent potentially life-threatening fractures as they age. Trusted sourceA concise review of testosterone and bone healthUS National Library of MedicineGo to sourceStudies have consistently shown a connection between low testosterone and decreased bone density in men and women. Testosterone is a hormone that has a direct impact on bone mineral density (BMD). The connection between testosterone and the bones is so strong that low testosterone levels can lead to Trusted sourceWhat is Osteoporosis and What Causes It?National Osteoporosis FoundationGo to sourceosteoporosis .

September 25, 2019 testosterone

What Is Andropause.Andropause is a real medical condition experienced by men, mainly caused by the steady decline of testosterone that occurs as men age.

When you hear the term “hormone replacement therapy” (HRT), most people think of women and how HRT is traditionally used as a treatment for the symptoms of menopause. However, men also lose critical hormones as they age, and men too can benefit from hormone replacement therapies. In fact, men go through a very similar condition as menopause, known as “andropause.”

September 19, 2019 testosterone

Testosterone hormone for Heart Health

Generally speaking, using testosterone to treat age-related testosterone deficiency does not increase a patient’s risk of developing cardiovascular disease.

The is a lot of confusion and controversy surrounding the use of testosterone replacement and the risk of a cardiovascular incident such as a stroke or heart attack.

September 13, 2019 testosterone

How Does Testosterone Work in Males Versus FemalesTestosterone may be the hormone responsible for male physical characteristics such as facial and body hair, muscle growth, deeper voice, and penis enlargement, but it is also crucial for women’s bodies, as well. How does testosterone work in males versus females, and why is it considered such an important hormone for aging adults? These are two of the many questions we will answer in this look at the impact of testosterone on adult men and women.

September 10, 2019 hgh

HGH Treatments for Muscular DystrophyTo date, there has been very limited research performed on HGH treatments for muscular dystrophy in adults and children. The majority of information available is centered on childhood-onset of MD. However, there is some information available to review, as well as an ongoing study to discuss.