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How to Get Prescription for Testosterone Therapy Online

How to Get Prescription for Testosterone Therapy Online

February 8, 2019 testosterone

Prescription for Testosterone Therapy One of the problems adults face when trying to find out how to get a prescription for testosterone therapy online is that many websites are unregulated. Even worse, too many are willing to sell testosterone to buyers who do not have a prescription. The first thing anyone looking for testosterone needs to do is find a legitimate hormone clinic in the US to get a valid prescription.

When people search the internet to learn how to get a prescription for testosterone online, they often want to save time and money. It is not surprising that busy adults want to find shortcuts to getting treatments that will increase their energy levels. Unfortunately, these shortcuts often wind up with people purchasing illegal and dangerous medications.

Another issue often seen is that people try to get a testosterone prescription from their general physicians. Most family doctors are not trained in hormone balancing. As with other medical specialties, hormone replacement therapy (HRT) is an area of advanced study. Endocrinology focuses on the endocrine system, which provides the majority of the hormones the body uses each day to carry out its many functions. Only a doctor with extensive experience in HRT should prescribe testosterone therapy.

In many cases, other medications are necessary for men who receive testosterone therapy to prevent excess estrogen conversion and maintain natural testosterone production. The hormone specialist is best equipped to make this determination. Some women also require an estrogen blocker when receiving testosterone.

Get Testosterone Prescription

Getting a low testosterone prescription requires proper diagnostic testing to ensure that treatment will be safe. While testosterone therapy has been used safely for over seventy years, it is only safe and beneficial when needed by the body. HRT doctors only prescribe testosterone to men and women who need it. Current guidelines by the American Urological Association direct specialists in how to determine low testosterone and prescribe safe and effective treatment. Supervision of treatment and retesting of testosterone levels is required to ensure continued safety.

When searching to get a prescription for testosterone therapy online, it is imperative to find a hormone clinic in the US for diagnostic testing.

Is It Legal to Get a Prescription Online?

The primary step to getting a legal testosterone prescription is finding out if there is a need for testosterone therapy. Testosterone is a controlled substance. At this time, FDA approval is for men with diagnosed low testosterone levels and symptoms. However, hormone specialists also prescribe testosterone cream “off-label” for women with the signs of low testosterone.

Getting an online testosterone prescription is also possible. A person who contacts a hormone clinic online must still complete the same diagnostic steps as someone who visits a local HRT physician. That is the only way to get a legal prescription for testosterone therapy.

Completion of all diagnostic steps is required even when getting a testosterone prescription online.

Why Does Testosterone Therapy Require A Prescription?

Testosterone is a controlled substance, meaning there must be a valid testosterone prescription before a US pharmacy provides this medication. The reason is simple – testosterone only benefits people who have a deficiency in that hormone. Just as it is dangerous to take antibiotics, insulin, blood thinners, or other medications when they are not needed by the body, it is also detrimental to increase hormone levels too high.

A prescription for testosterone therapy helps protect an individual from causing a further imbalance in hormone levels. Too much testosterone can lead to potentially dangerous side effects. Since the body also converts excess testosterone into estrogen and dihydrotestosterone (DHT), these levels can become elevated. For men, this can mean prostate problems, weight gain, hair loss, and increased cancer risk. Women who abuse or misuse testosterone may experience estrogen dominance, weight gain, abnormal menstrual cycles, infertility, hair loss, and significant health issues.

Once a doctor issues a testosterone prescription, products such as testosterone injections, gels, patches, creams, and implantable pellets are discussed to ensure that each person selects the best method of treatment for their needs.

Testosterone is a controlled substance that is beneficial for the body when it is deficient, but dangerous if elevated too high.

Steps to Get Testosterone Therapy Prescription

Getting a testosterone prescription online requires the completion of the same steps as getting it from a local doctor:

  • Consultation
  • Physical examination
  • Blood test
  • Medical history form

What is the benefit of getting a prescription for testosterone from an online hormone clinic if the same diagnostic steps are necessary?

When utilizing the services of a national hormone clinic such as HGH Doctor, consultations take place over the phone rather than in a doctor’s office. The time savings allows for people to avoid lengthy waiting room and clinic visits. Not having to take time off from work or away from family and other responsibilities is extremely appealing to many adults.

There is also a considerable monetary saving when getting a prescription for testosterone therapy from an online national hormone clinic. HGH Doctor offers free consultations to men and women who want to find out if their symptoms may be caused by hormonal imbalance. That service alone can save hundreds of dollars.

Diagnostic blood tests take place at convenient locations in most cities throughout the US, and prices have already been prearranged with a national chain of laboratories. Physical examination can be with any doctor of the client’s choosing or one that HGH Doctor recommends to help keep costs low.

Even our medical questionnaires are accessible for completion online for further convenience and privacy. Upon completion of all steps, our hormone doctor reviews the results to determine the need for testosterone therapy.

Consultation, blood testing, and physical examination are required of anyone seeking a testosterone therapy prescription.

Testosterone Prescription Cost

The cost to get a prescription for testosterone therapy can vary from a few hundred dollars for testing, exam, and consultation with HGH Doctor hormone clinic, to over a thousand dollars with some local hormone specialists. Although insurance may pick up a portion of the fees, many people find that their insurance does not cover all required blood tests ordered by their local doctors. They get hit with unexpected high laboratory charges after the fact.

The other area of cost has to do with people searching for the cheapest testosterone prescription medications online. An internet search of this type often leads to “black market” websites that sell drugs for seemingly low costs. However, most people find out that this ultimately does not save them money as they still need to get the necessary supplies that HGH Doctor includes with all pharmaceutical orders.

Even worse, “black market” websites frequently ship counterfeit or low-quality medications – some that contain no testosterone at all. Of course, since those purchases from companies located in other countries are illegal, prosecution could lead to thousands of dollars in fines.

For men looking for Depo-Testosterone, prices typically run between $70 and $300 depending on the amount ordered. We do not know how much any person will need until after testing when the doctor determines the required dosage and frequency of treatment. Watson testosterone cypionate averages $275, with compounded testosterone even lower in price. The cost of other types of testosterone therapy for men is typically higher. Women use compounded testosterone cream which is extremely low in cost, and also based on strength and dosage.

The cost of getting a testosterone prescription includes blood testing, consultation, physical examination, and testosterone medication.

Can I Buy Testosterone Without Prescription?

The purchase of non-prescription testosterone from unregulated internet sites is illegal. Some individuals acquire and sell their personal supplies of testosterone medications to others. Please know that any time a person buys or sells a controlled medication such as this without a valid prescription for testosterone therapy, he or she is breaking the law. Prosecution carries the possibility of both jail time and significant fines.

The other risk is to one’s health. There is no way of knowing if the medication received is safe to use unless it comes directly to the user from a licensed US pharmacy. Only prescription testosterone obtained from a pharmacy in the US is deemed safe. Also, without a prescription, it is impossible to know how much testosterone the body needs. Administering too little testosterone will inhibit positive results. Too much testosterone can lead to health problems and side effects. Chenged

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