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How Much Does Testosterone Therapy Cost

How Much Does Testosterone Therapy Cost

March 20, 2019 testosterone

Low Testosterone Therapy There are many things that factor into the overall cost of your low testosterone therapy.

Testosterone replacement therapy is prescribed to treat patients diagnosed with low testosterone. Testosterone therapy is available in several forms. Our doctors believe that testosterone injections are the safest and most effective form of testosterone replacement. Therefore, the prices discussed on this page will be for testosterone injections.

Also, testosterone therapy is more commonly prescribed for men than it is for women. Women can be prescribed testosterone, but if so, they usually will require a far lesser amount than men. Therefore, any prices discussed on this page mainly pertain to testosterone therapy treatment costs for men, particularly as regards the prices of testosterone medication.

Several things factor into your total cost of treating low testosterone, such as lab work, doctor’s visits, and the cost of your testosterone prescription medication, in this case, the cost of testosterone injections.

Blood Tests, Diagnosis, and Lab Work

All prescriptions for testosterone therapy must start with a diagnosis of low testosterone. A simple blood test is used to determine if you have low testosterone. Your blood will be drawn during a regular visit to your doctor and then sent to a lab for analysis. The lab work should normally be about $300 to $400 dollars.

Any doctor can perform a blood test for low testosterone. However, if you suspect that you have a testosterone deficiency, it is best to be tested by a doctor who specializes in age-related hormone imbalances in men and women.

Doctors’ Visits and Other Medical Services

In addition to having your testosterone level tested, your doctor will take a complete medical history and do a thorough medical exam before offering a diagnosis of low testosterone. Your initial consultation and any follow-up visits with your doctor will be part of the total costs of your testosterone therapy, but these visits are usually not included in the cost of your prescription for testosterone injections.

You must have a doctor’s prescription for testosterone injections. You cannot buy testosterone without a prescription or try to save money on the cost of testosterone by attempting to buy it online. It is illegal to do so. You can only get testosterone legally after being properly tested by a doctor and diagnosed with low testosterone. Trying to save money on the cost of testosterone replacement by getting testosterone from any other source is not only illegal, but it could also be dangerous.

Medication Costs

Testosterone injections are prescribed as different esters of testosterone. Esters are all the same drug; they are simply different versions of testosterone. The different types of esters of testosterone differ only in:

  • How quickly they take effect
  • How long their effects last
  • The dosages they are available in
  • Their brand names
  • Their costs

The chart below compares the average *prices of the most commonly prescribed esters of testosterone.

Type of TestosteroneDosage Cost
Depo-Testosterone10ml of 200 mg/ml$300.00
Depo-Testosterone1ml of 200 mg/ml$70.00
Depo-Testosterone100mg/mL 10mL$300.00
Watson Testosterone Cypionate10ml of 200mg/ml$275.00
Testosterone Cypionate20mg/mL 5mL Vial$175.00
Testosterone Propionate100 mg/ml (10ml)$200.00

The prices listed on the chart above are to be considered a guideline, you could pay a little more, or you could pay a little less, depending on the doctor or clinic prescribing your testosterone medication.

The cost of testosterone therapy can and will vary from patient to patient.

The True Cost of Testosterone Therapy

It is not as easy as you might think to provide a definitive answer to the question of “how much does testosterone therapy cost?” This is because there are just so many variables that go into your individual treatment. Your age, your weight, your fitness level, and your lifestyle can all impact the type of testosterone therapy you are prescribed and, therefore, its cost. However, that all being said, on average, testosterone treatments cost about 750.00 to $1000 per month.
Testosterone Therapy

Other than your actual dose of testosterone medication, there are many reasons why there is such variability in the cost of testosterone therapy. Other factors that can impact how much your testosterone therapy costs include:

  • Who is prescribing your testosterone therapy?
  • What brand of testosterone are you using?
  • Where is the testosterone clinic located?
  • How experienced are the doctors and staff?

One especially important thing to keep in mind is this. If you are shopping around for testosterone therapy, the price of your testosterone injections is a factor. However, the price that you might pay for your testosterone injections should not be the deciding factor on the testosterone clinic or testosterone doctor you choose.

Do not cut corners and possibly compromise your health by going to the clinic that advertises the lowest prices on testosterone shots. Remember, as in any other purchase – you get what you pay for.

When shopping for testosterone therapy, you should be more concerned about your prescriber’s skills and experience than the price you will pay for your testosterone injections and use the prices listed above as your guide.

The cost of your testosterone therapy should not be the only deciding factor on where to buy your testosterone.

Now that you know more about the costs of testosterone therepy, why not take a minute to contact us and learn more about how testosterone replacement therapy can improve your quality of life.

*All pricing information is presented for informational purposes only and should be taken as a guide and snapshot of average prices you could expect to pay for testosterone therapy. The actual price you pay for your testosterone treatment will depend on your particular diagnosis and testosterone replacement treatment plan.

Frequently Asked Questions About the Cost of Testosterone Replacement Therapy


Depending on your coverage, some of the costs of your testosterone therapy could be covered by insurance. For example, it is possible some or all of your initial visit and follow-up visits to your doctor and perhaps your lab work might be reimbursed by your insurance company. Your actual prescription testosterone medication is rarely covered by health insurance. 

As when it is applied to anything, "cheap" can have two meanings.

  1. Low or inferior quality
  2. Inexpensive

When we are talking about buying "cheap" testosterone, you should only consider the second meaning. It is perfectly fine to seek testosterone therapy that fits your lifestyle and budget. But, inferior or low-quality testosterone should be avoided at all costs. Not only could you not be receiving the full benefits of testosterone therapy from cheap, low-quality testosterone, such testosterone – particularly testosterone that can be purchased on the "black market" could be hazardous to your health. 

As far as the monthly cost of testosterone therapy, since programs vary from clinic to clinic and from patient to patient, monthly costs for testosterone will vary. A typical male patient should expect to pay anywhere from $500 –$1500 per month for testosterone therapy. Some of the costs of testosterone therapy may be covered by insurance. Either way, we try to make your treatments as low cost as possible and offer a variety of payment options. A note about the cost of testosterone treatment: keep in mind, like in any purchase, you get what you pay for. You should not cut corners on your health and choose a testosterone clinic strictly because it may be the cheapest.

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