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How Much Does Testosterone Therapy Cost

How Much Does Testosterone Therapy Cost

March 20, 2019

How Much Does Testosterone Therapy CostOne of the most commonly asked questions here at HGH Doctor hormone clinic is how much does testosterone therapy cost. Even before asking if they might have Low T, many men ask that question first. It is natural to want to know what to expect right up front. However, it is a question that is often impossible to answer.

It is not that we want to be coy or secretive. The simple truth is that hormone replacement therapy of any kind, testosterone included, is personalized to the individual. Before we can answer how much does testosterone therapy cost per month, we must know a person’s level of testosterone deficiency. That will determine the dosage of testosterone the doctor will prescribe.

For the second determining factor of cost, testosterone replacement therapy comes in many forms. Testosterone cypionate or enanthate injections are the lowest priced (and most effective) options. Because as few as two treatments may be necessary each month, the cost can be under $100. That also depends on the brand of medication selected. If more frequent injections are necessary, most males can still expect the cost to be well under $200 per month.

If testosterone gel is requested, the price may go as high as $200 to $500 per month. A new intranasal gel applied three times a day inside the nose may be over $800 a month. Testosterone patches may also be well over $500 or $600 per month.

Testosterone therapy cost is determined by the dosage of testosterone and type of treatment.

Why Do Some Forms of Testosterone Therapy Cost More Than Others?

The reason the average cost of testosterone replacement therapy differs so much is due to the expense of manufacturing the medication. Testosterone injections are the least expensive form of testosterone to produce. The pharmaceutical company or compounding pharmacy combines the raw testosterone with an ester to create the finished product.

When asking how much does testosterone therapy cost and why are patches and gels more expensive, the answer differs depending on the product. Testosterone patches are expensive to make. Pharmaceutical companies invest a lot of money into the development of medication. They determine how much they will sell them to a pharmacy based on getting back their investment.

We have no control over testosterone replacement therapy cost set by the pharmaceutical companies. What we can do is minimize the out-of-pocket expenses of our clients by prescribing the lowest-priced options available.

Pharmaceutical companies determine costs based on the expense of manufacturing the medication and recouping their investment.

What Determines the Cost of Testosterone Therapy?

As we previously stated, the determining factors in the cost of testosterone replacement therapy are dosage and type of treatment. However, there are also costs associated with medical consultations, blood testing, and physical examination.

How much does testosterone therapy cost when you add in all those factors?

It is difficult to give a general price for that because all doctors charge different fees. Of course, if you have insurance, then you likely have a set co-pay to see a specialist. You will want to have a hormone specialist test you for low testosterone and prescribe the appropriate treatment. Do not leave this up to your general practitioner. Of course, if you are on an HMO, you can also expect to pay for a visit to your primary care provider to get the necessary specialist referral.

Doctor visit and blood test fees can increase the cost of testosterone therapy.

How Can I Lower the Cost of Testosterone Therapy?

It is very easy to lower the cost of testosterone therapy by skipping the PCP and specialist office visits. How can you do that? HGH Doctor is a national hormone clinic. We conduct our consultations by phone, eliminating the cost of an office visit. Even your follow-up appointments are conducted by phone – no office visits required. The only time you will see a local doctor is for your required physical examination. We even offer ways to keep those costs as low as possible.

When you call and ask us what is the cost of testosterone therapy, you will be happy to learn that we start by providing you with a free consultation. That savings alone can run between $25 and $500, depending on insurance and other factors. We have also prearranged affordable blood testing at a national laboratory chain.

Finally, our selection of options for testosterone therapy will provide you with many low-cost medications to meet your budget. Our medical advisors will work closely with you to ensure you get the best possible treatment at the lowest cost.

To find out how much does testosterone therapy cost for you, please contact us for a free, confidential consultation.

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