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Cheap Testosterone Therapy – Why It Is Not Impossible

Cheap Testosterone Therapy – Why It Is Not Impossible

April 11, 2019 testosterone

Cheap Testosterone TherapyIf you are like most budget-conscious adults in the US, you want to save money however you can. Once you receive a diagnosis of testosterone deficiency (Low T), it makes sense to search for cheap testosterone therapy online.

Now, the word cheap has two distinctly different connotations:

  1. Low in price
  2. Low in quality

You must be extremely careful when looking for cheap testosterone replacement therapy as you may think you have found option one when in reality, you are about to purchase option two. Low-quality testosterone is rampant on the internet.

You find it on black market websites (those selling testosterone without a prescription).

Does this mean that it is impossible to find cheap testosterone therapy?

Absolutely not!

You may not know this, but testosterone is one of the least expensive forms of hormone replacement therapy. Most people will hardly miss the small amount of money they have to pay each month to improve their testosterone levels.

It is entirely possible to get legitimate testosterone therapy at cheap prices in the US.

What Does Cheap Testosterone Therapy Mean?

We mentioned two distinct issues when searching online for testosterone therapy cheap. Let us knock out the one you do not want to consider first – low-quality testosterone.

  • Black Market Cheap Testosterone

The “black market” encompasses websites that sell products that are not legitimate. In this case, we are talking about pharmaceutical medications that require a doctor’s prescription in the US. No legitimate American company will risk their business license by selling testosterone without a prescription. That means you must go to an overseas company to buy cheap testosterone if you do not have a doctor’s prescription.

Now, some people who do have a valid prescription also seek out this option to try and save money. We consider this to be a foolish venture because testosterone injections for men and testosterone cream for women are already extremely low in cost. You really will not be saving much money by engaging in this option.

There is a significant risk in this scenario of receiving counterfeit testosterone. That could mean the medication is fake, of inferior quality, diluted, substituted for another product, contains toxic ingredients, or bacterial residue. No amount of savings is worth this risk.

  • Legal Cheap Testosterone

You can purchase testosterone therapy legally in the US if you have a doctor’s prescription. Options include searching or calling local pharmacies to ask their prices or speaking with your hormone clinic directly about the pharmacy they use. You might find that your clinic can get you the best price for legal, cheap testosterone therapy.

When looking for cheap testosterone therapy, avoid black market companies as the quality may be extremely questionable.

What Types of Testosterone Therapy Are the Cheapest to Use?

We understand the desire to find the cheapest testosterone replacement therapy available. After all, you work hard for your money and want to keep as much of it as possible. However, you do not want to sacrifice quality, especially when dealing with a medical treatment that is supposed to help you look and feel better.

Women have it easy – there is no decision to be made on this subject. Currently, the only recommended testosterone treatment for females is a cream that you rub on a small area of skin. Your hormone specialist will calculate your daily dosage and sent the prescription to a compounding pharmacy which will customize it to your needs. Do not worry that this will be expensive – the cost is extremely low for compounded testosterone cream for women.

When looking for cheap testosterone therapy for men, nothing beats testosterone injections. Here is what you need to know about the different types of testosterone therapy:

  • Testosterone cypionate injections – the lowest cost of all forms of testosterone therapy for men. You only need an average of two shots per month. Compounded testosterone cypionate is also lower in price than one of the name brand medications – Depo-Testosterone or Watson – and is just as good. Prices vary depending on the dosage and frequency of treatment. Some men pay less than $100 per month on up to less than $200 per month.
  • Testosterone enanthate injections – only slightly higher in price than testosterone cypionate due to weekly injections. You can also get pharmacy compounded rather than name brand testosterone enanthate (Delatestryl or Watson).
  • Testosterone gel – skin or intranasal – testosterone gel that you apply to the skin can cost anywhere from $200 to $500 per month. Intranasal gel can run upwards of $800 per month.
  • Testosterone patches – expect to pay over $600 per month for Androderm testosterone patches.

Low priced testosterone therapy often costs under $100 per month for many people.

Is Buying Testosterone Therapy Online the Best Low-Cost Option?

You may find the cheapest testosterone therapy online, but is that the best way to buy your medications? No, unless you are dealing with a reputable and licensed US pharmacy.

Again, it is all about the company – who they are, where they are, and whether they are a regulated US pharmacy. Do not buy medications from overseas companies or “warehouse” businesses. That increases the risks associated with counterfeit or inferior medications.

The fact is that you can get cheap testosterone therapy right here in the US. Do not fall for flashy websites, “sale” prices, or special offers. A legitimate pharmacy does not have to grab you with those kinds of deals. The pharmaceutical companies set their prices. Anything that seems too low should send up warning flags. While prices do vary from one pharmacy to another (an online website lists Androderm prices ranging from $613 to $648 at different local pharmacies), the differences should not be overwhelmingly vast.

Buying medications online is not the best option. You can get cheap prices for testosterone therapy in the US from licensed pharmacies.

What Is the Best Way to buy Cheap Testosterone Therapy?

The best way to get low-cost testosterone therapy is to start saving right from the start. Part of the expense of testosterone treatment is the doctor’s visits. Each time you go to the hormone clinic, you will pay a fee. We can help you eliminate those costs through our free, telephone consultations.

Then, we work with national laboratories to offer you prearranged low pricing for your blood tests. Finally, the licensed US pharmacies we use to fulfill your prescriptions are committed to keeping costs as low as possible for your treatment.

To get legitimate, safe, effective, and cheap testosterone therapy, contact us today for your free consultation.

Contact our hormone clinic for a free consultation to learn more about getting cheap testosterone therapy.


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