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Is It Safe to Buy HGH from China?

Is It Safe to Buy HGH from China?

December 25, 2018 hgh

Is It Safe to Buy HGH from China

Before you buy HGH online or anywhere else, there is much you need to know. Human growth hormone is a controlled substance. Why? Because when used improperly it can be dangerous for the body. When used for the right reasons, it can have superior benefits.

However, if the body does not need it, a legitimate doctor will not prescribe it. For that reason, someone who wants to use it for the wrong or unapproved purpose will have to resort to other countries for the purchase. That brings up an important question – is it safe to buy HGH from China?

The answer could be either yes or no, depending on which website you are reading. If the grammar used on the website does not make much sense, you are likely reading that yes, Chinese HGH is safe. After all, the copy was probably written in a foreign language and run through a translator program.

Any legitimate medical clinic in the US will tell you that it is not safe to buy HGH from China for sale.

Why do we believe HGH from China is not safe?

Here are the reasons:

  1. Manufacturing of medications in China and some other Asian countries are not under the same strict scrutiny that you find in the US and many European countries. Our levels of quality control are considerably higher than what you see in Chinese factories. To know that any HGH you buy overseas is safe to use, you would need to pay the cost to have an independent lab test every vial. Otherwise, you could inject something tainted with bacteria or filled with toxic ingredients into your body.
  2. Unregulated companies do not always have their clients’ best interests in mind. They may falsify labels, water down or dilute medications, or even switch them for cheaper products.
  3. Not all HGH coming from overseas is the same, bioidentical 191 amino acid HGH as you find in the name brands. Some of it contains a cheaper quality 192 amino acid product that can cause significant side effects.

You do not know what you are getting when buying HGH from China unless you have it tested by a lab.

Why Are Prices for HGH from China Lower than in the US?

It should come as no surprise that the Chinese HGH price is lower than what you will pay in the US. The same can be said about anything that comes from China. The labor costs there are much lower than here. Workers toil away in factories for long hours to receive little pay. Cheap labor costs mean a cheaper product.

Many of the companies that produce generic HGH in China do so under less-than-desirable conditions. They cut corners wherever they can to reduce costs. Those cost-cutting procedures can mean dangerous medications.

When inquiring about the cost and is it safe to buy HGH from China, you need to understand that US costs are higher because it is all about quality. Yes, there can be the argument that “big pharma” inflates prices in the US. There is some truth to that. However, some of the high-quality, name brands of HGH now offer affordable options and programs to adults who qualify for growth hormone treatment.

Is the Quality of Chinese HGH the Same as HGH in the US?

Even the best HGH from China is likely no match for the brands of HGH offered for sale in the US. While you can find generic HGH from China sold online by cap color, that is not how you should buy a medication you will inject into your body.

Take a minute to think about the quality of many products that come from China. We hear about recalls all the time. Dog food and toys tainted with lead and other dangerous chemicals. Chinese manufacturers are known for taking shortcuts and producing knockoff, low-quality versions of name brands. Is this what you really want in a medication. Even foods for human consumption are often considered unsafe to eat. Just search the words “shrimp from China,” and you will see what we mean.

No, the answer to is it safe to buy HGH from China needs to remain a negative response. For your safety, only purchase HGH from reputable, licensed US pharmacies.

How Do I Get Safe HGH at an Affordable Price?

There are two reasons for people to seek out lower HGH China prices:

  1. To save money
  2. To buy it for an unapproved use

Let us first reiterate the use of HGH for unapproved purposes. If you want human growth hormones because you think they will make you young again, or build huge muscles, think again. The body can only handle so much HGH. Any more than that can cause an excess reaction that can lead to potentially dangerous side effects. Instead of getting the positive responses, you could be putting your body in harm’s way. Not to mention running the likely risk of your pituitary gland shutting down regular HGH production when it senses too much in the bloodstream.

Now, for the saving money aspect of it. Even if you think you have a growth hormone deficiency, you much find out for sure if you do. It is also necessary to know the level of deficiency to determine the appropriate dosage. You can only do that with blood testing and diagnosis from a qualified physician. The reason people turn to the “black market” is to eliminate those excess costs and fees.

That is where we can help. Instead of asking is it safe to buy HGH from China, ask where you can get safe HGH at an affordable price. We have that answer for you.

Here at our hormone clinic, we eliminate the office visit fees of contacting a hormone specialist. Instead, we provide you with a free consultation by phone. After that, you will only pay the pre-negotiated fees for the blood test. We even offer you affordable alternatives for your physical examination. With six high-quality brands of HGH to choose from, you should have no problem finding one that meets your budget requirements. Our medical advisors work with you to get you the safe, affordable HGH you need – without sacrificing safety or quality.

Protect your health and contact our hormone clinic today for your free, confidential consultation by phone with a medical advisor.

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