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HGH Color Tops: What Is the Difference?

HGH Color Tops: What Is the Difference?

February 14, 2019 hgh

HGH Color Tops What Is the Difference

If you have ever overheard someone at the gym discussing HGH color tops, the chances are that person is using illegal human growth hormones. When you go to the drug store to buy medication, do you ever ask the pharmacist for a particular cap color? Of course not. You ask for your prescription or over-the-counter product by name, or for a generic. In the case of HGH blue tops and black tops, those products are often the most dangerous kind of generics.

The information provided here might save you from making a mistake that could cost you your health, or worse. Poor-quality, generic HGH can be dangerous to use. It is often produced in one of numerous “unregulated” laboratories or warehouses around Asia. Chinese manufacturers are the number one producer of generic HGH.

The different color HGH tops are often confusing.

There was a time when cap color distinguished the brand and manufacturer.

Here is a timeline history of some HGH color tops:

  • HGH blue tops started out on vials of Hypertropin produced by Neogenica Bioscience before they switched from blue to green caps.
  • Green tops were first used on Igotropin, but after other companies started using the color green, and the name changed from Igotropin to Revitropin, they switched to HGH blue tops for sale.
  • Later, Revitropin became IGF3 and was sold as red cap HGH.

Today, the cap or top color can readily change from one batch of HGH to the next. It is more often about what color is available at the cheapest price when the manufacturer of the HGH places an order. After a color change, you will often see the manufacturer promoting that cap color as being the best.

HGH color tops do not differentiate between quality or brands. Most HGH sold by cap color is generic medication produced in Asia.

Why Are Some Brands of HGH Sold by Color Tops?

Generic manufacturers of HGH in China originally started to distinguish their brands by color-coding the tops of the vials. Purchasing human growth hormone by HGH color tops was easy as bodybuilders could tell others to buy red, blue, or black tops. HGH sold in this manner was often cheaper than buying brand name human growth hormones. When one particular color seems to get a good reputation, other companies will also start to use that color.

Why all the name and color changes?

The HGH manufactured in most of these Chinese laboratories is inferior in quality to that produced by leading pharmaceutical companies. HGH is expensive to produce. It is manufactured using recombinant DNA technology where careful manipulation of the E. coli bacteria produces real 191 amino acid polypeptide HGH in a single chain formation. Bacteria left over from the manufacturing process must be carefully filtered out of the final HGH product. This is a costly and time-consuming process and one that not many labs can invest in to create high-quality HGH.

It is not surprising then that a brand gets a bad reputation and changes its name and growth hormone blue tops to another color. One bad report and the original generic brand disappears, and a new one takes its place.

Inferior HGH sold by cap color often changes brand names and colors.

Which Color Tops Are the Best HGH?

For a while, it appeared the best generic option was to buy HGH blue tops. Dosage determination was up to the individual since these products are not prescribed for use by doctors in the US. People who purchase them do so illegally on the “black market.” Then, as blue became HGH red tops, the situation became even more confusing. Now, which colors are the best HGH to use?

Unfortunately, there is no safe way to trust HGH sold by cap color. Administering an HGH red injection could land you in the hospital from a dangerous product just as easily as a green or blue cap. Whether your HGH comes from Thailand, India, China, or elsewhere, if it is purchased illegally without a prescription, you are putting your health at risk.

One company can easily “claim” its blue or black tops are the best. These are merely marketing gimmicks intended to separate you from your money. Do not fall for the hype centered around HGH color tops.

There is no safe way to trust HGH products sold by cap color.

Why Are Some HGH Color Tops 192 Amino Acid Peptides?

There is also another option that some people are unaware of, and that is 192 amino acid HGH yellow tops. You might think that it would cost more to manufacture 192 amino acid HGH than 191 amino acid HGH, but that is not true. The 192 amino acid HGH is much cheaper to produce as it does not require the same equipment or manufacturing process. The HGH yellow cap was originally intended to distinguish 192 from 191 HGH. That is no longer the case.

The body does not recognize 192 amino acid HGH as real human growth hormones. That means it must undergo some form of conversion before use. For this reason, the risk of side effects increases exponentially. You cannot trust HGH color tops to let you know if you are buying real human growth hormones.

192 amino acid HGH is not the same as bioidentical 191 amino acid. The body does not recognize it and there is an increased risk of side effects.

Are HGH Color Tops Safe to Buy?

HGH black tops are no safer to buy and use than blue, red, green, or yellow caps. All products sold in this manner are generically manufactured in warehouses and factories overseas that undergo far less scrutiny and oversight than what you have in the US and Europe by legitimate pharmaceutical companies.

Some manufacturers of generic HGH are in it only for the money. The products they produce are counterfeit and of questionable quality. It is not unheard of to hear that rat poison, cement, talc, or drywall was used as an ingredient in the finished product. Leftover bacterial residue from inferior manufacturing standards can lead to potential health risks.

Do not buy human growth hormone injections by HGH color tops. It is not safe. HGH deficiency requires trained medical diagnosis and specialized treatment. Contact a hormone replacement specialist to learn more and find out if you qualify for legitimate HGH therapy. Only then can you be guaranteed the safe purchase of real HGH.

It is not safe to buy HGH by cap color. The only guarantee you have is when buying brand name HGH from licensed pharmacies in the US with a valid doctor’s prescription.

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