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1 Year HGH Transformation – What to Expect from Therapy

1 Year HGH Transformation – What to Expect from Therapy

October 22, 2018 hgh

1 Year HGH Transformation

The only reason for anyone to begin HGH therapy is for the results. After all, adult growth hormone deficiency can decrease your brain functions, increase your waistline, and worsen your health. It can take you from toned and muscular to fat and flabby. Wanting to know what to expect from a 1-year HGH transformation is natural. After all, you are going to be paying for this treatment, so you should know what will happen. You have likely seen incredible photos online showing toned muscles, younger-looking skin, and happier people. We know that is what you want, as well.

First up, please do not expect to see incredible benefits after one injection. That will not happen. We tell you this so that you will not be disappointed in the results. Growth hormone deficiency did not appear overnight. Your body has been slowly decreasing HGH production since you were in your twenties. It took time to get this way, and it will take some time to reverse your current symptoms. The good news is that it does not take that long for the benefits to begin to appear.

Your human growth hormone transformation will begin within the first two weeks of injections. You may only notice that you are sleeping better at night, or that you have more energy during the day. Even so, these are positive signs that HGH therapy is working for you. Others may tell you that you seem happier, more content, or that your sense of humor has improved. You may even start to feel more amorous towards the end of the first month.

The benefits of HGH therapy do not appear overnight. You will start to notice some changes such as better sleep and energy within the first few weeks.

Physical Transformations 1 Year after Starting HGH Therapy

By the time you reach the 1-year mark after starting HGH therapy, your growth hormone body transformation will be remarkable. That is why we strongly recommend that everyone take before and after photos to document their journey.

The most astounding physical transformations are the ones you can see in the mirror. These include:

  • Significant loss of belly fat – up to 10 to 14 percent of your excess fat may be gone just after six months, alone. The results will continue even one year later.
  • Increased lean muscle mass that gives your body a more physically toned appearance.
  • Your skin will look more youthful as an increase in collagen and elastin production decreases the appearance of wrinkles and sagging.
  • Many people experience faster, thicker hair growth. Some report that their natural hair color starts to return after six months. By the one-year mark, some people even see renewed hair growth in areas of previous loss.
  • Your body image may appear taller as joint pains are typically gone by the 1-year HGH transformation. With improved bone density and increased collagen cushioning the joints, it becomes easier to stand and walk tall.

After one year of HGH therapy, you will likely look ten to twenty years younger. Better muscle tone, loss of belly fat, and stronger bones will have you standing taller and feeling better.

How Does HGH Transform Brain Functions after 1 Year of HGH Therapy?

Loss of cognitive functions with age is a genuine problem that concerns many adults. Part of the HGH transformation is how human growth hormone impacts cognitive functions.

The brain houses an abundant supply of HGH receptor cells. These receptors are heavily saturated in areas that control and regulate learning, memory, cognitive processing, and even emotions. Without enough input from HGH, these cells go unstimulated. The result is poor focus, memory loss, depression, and other cognitive and emotional issues.

By the time you reach your 1-year HGH transformation, you will have long since noticed better focus and concentration. Instead of wondering why you entered a room, your memory will improve exponentially. Drive and motivation also reap the rewards of HGH therapy, improving overall productivity and performance.

Reversal of any feelings of depression, irritability, and anxiety start to disappear a mere two or three months into your treatment. After one year, you will be surprised at how much you are enjoying life again. From socializing with friends to participating in fun activities, the world will seem a much different place.

One year after starting HGH therapy will bring sharper brain functions and memory. Feelings of depression will transform as you enjoy life and socializing with friends and loved ones.

What Long-Lasting Benefits Exist from HGH Therapy?

As wonderful as these other benefits sound, there is much more to your 1-year HGH transformation that will impact your quality of life.

The following areas of your health are influenced by human growth hormone:

  • Immunity
  • Cellular regeneration
  • Metabolism
  • Brain functions
  • Heart health
  • and blood pressure levels
  • Blood sugar (glucose) and insulin
  • Libido

The real HGH transformation is what human growth hormone therapy does for your overall health:

  1. HGH helps strengthen the immune system so that you do not succumb to every passing virus. Your body will heal faster from any illness, injury, or even exercise.
  2. HGH stimulates cellular regeneration which provides a healthy supply of new cells to maintain your internal organs, skin, muscles, hair, bones, nails, tissues, and blood supply. An added benefit here is the reduction in the risk for osteoporosis.
  3. Human growth hormone ensures that your metabolism functions properly to convert the food you eat into energy. It helps burn stored fat and keeps you from gaining weight.
  4. HGH supports crucial brain functions to reduce the risk of dementia.
  5. You can reduce the risk of cardiovascular disease with HGH therapy which helps lower LDL cholesterol and blood pressure levels. HGH also helps strengthen cardiac functions and output.
  6. Human growth hormone supports proper blood sugar and insulin levels to reduce the risks associated with type 2 diabetes.
  7. Finally, HGH helps maintain a robust libido and sexual performance crucial for the release of endorphins into the bloodstream.

Long-lasting benefits of HGH help improve overall health, heart and brain functions, and lower the risk of potentially severe medical conditions.

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