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Does a Vasectomy Lower Testosterone Production

Does a Vasectomy Lower Testosterone Production

December 3, 2018 testosterone

Before you undergo a Trusted sourceWhat is a Vasectomy?Urology Care FoundationGo to sourcevasectomy , make sure you read up on all the facts. You may be surprised at what you learn. Does a vasectomy lower testosterone production is one of the most commonly asked questions. It is often followed by an inquiry as to whether or not sexual desire, arousal, and performance will be affected.

We want to help you understand what is at stake if you get a vasectomy.

Q. Does having a vasectomy lower testosterone levels?

A. There is no clear yes or no answer to this question. Some men will continue to manufacture the same amount of testosterone they did before the vasectomy. Others may not be so lucky. There are those who will suffer a decline in testosterone production following the surgery. A small percentage of men may experience a slight surge in testosterone levels for a short while after the vasectomy.

Q. Will my vasectomy lower testosterone levels permanently?

A. Although it is not a common occurrence, some men may experience a permanent decline in testosterone levels. This is more often due to natural aging than a result of a vasectomy.

There is no guarantee, but it is rare for a vasectomy to lower testosterone levels.

What Impact Does a Vasectomy Have on Testosterone and Other Hormones?

When some men ask will a vasectomy lower testosterone production, they are often concerned about how it will affect the many functions testosterone performs in the body. In addition to sexual performance and sperm maturation, testosterone is essential for the bones, muscles, brain, metabolism, and red blood cell production. The body converts some testosterone into other hormones that it needs. Conversely, testosterone levels help to influence growth hormone and cortisol secretion. That is why hormonal balance is always something to maintain.

Q. Why does a vasectomy reduce testosterone production in some men but not in others?

A. Some men experience an autoimmune reaction after a vasectomy. The sperm that is in the testes becomes trapped there, unable to leave after the tubes are tied. In a small sampling of males, the testes regard the sperm as an invader. To prevent further sperm production, the body’s immune-fighting cells begin to attack the sperm and the cells that produce them. Some of the body’s Leydig cells that produce testosterone become collateral damage as they, too, are destroyed. When you lose Leydig cells, that reduces the amount of testosterone the testes can produce.

Q. Does a vasectomy lower testosterone production, change the size of the testes, or cause any other problems?

A. Although it is rare, a man could experience a slight bit of testicular shrinkage. Another issue that impacts a very small percentage of men is the development of antibodies to sperm. After the antibodies form in the bloodstream, they can travel to the brain. There, they can cause a condition called aphasia. When that occurs, a man could develop problems with his speech.

Although rare, a decline in testosterone following a vasectomy could influence other hormone levels.

Will a Vasectomy Lower Testosterone and Sex Drive?

It is natural to worry if getting a vasectomy will affect your libido and sexual performance. It shouldn’t – but there are no guarantees. Most men will have no issues with sex drive following a vasectomy. In fact, because there is no longer a risk of pregnancy, sexual desire often increases after the surgery. Of course, there is a very slight percentage of vasectomies that will fail. The biggest risk of that occurring is with doctors who perform fewer than 50 surgeries a year. Find a doctor who performs vasectomies on a regular basis for the best results.

Q. Does a vasectomy lower testosterone production and cause erectile dysfunction?

A. It is extremely rare for a man to start having erectile problems that were not there before a vasectomy. The body still produces testosterone and other hormones that will help regulate erectile functions and sexual pleasure.

Q. When does a vasectomy decrease testosterone levels in men?

A. There is no way of knowing who will suffer from a decline in testosterone resulting from a vasectomy. Again, it is a rare occurrence. The most likely reason why a man who has undergone the surgery develops Low T is due to aging. Every male will naturally experience a one to two percent decline in testosterone each year as he ages. The decrease typically begins while still in one’s twenties. Since many men who undergo a vasectomy wait until later in life after having children, testosterone levels have already been in decline for many years. What happens here is that your concern about Low T may be greater following a vasectomy, so you are looking for the symptoms to occur. They may have been right there all along for numerous years; you just did not pay attention to it before.

The good news is that no matter what the reason, there is help for low testosterone levels. Our hormone doctors can prescribe testosterone and other forms of hormone replacement therapy to counteract any symptoms of Low T. Please contact us for a confidential consultation at no charge.

A vasectomy should not impact testosterone levels, sex drive, or performance. Contact our clinic if you have any concerns.

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