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Top 10 HGH Myths and Facts

Top 10 HGH Myths and Facts

January 9, 2019 hgh
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Top 10 HGH Myths and Facts

HGH myths and facts tend to spread like wildfire on the internet. You may have even overheard two people talking at work or in the gym about the benefits of human growth hormone therapy. If you hear phrases such as “gigantic muscles” or “stopping the clock,” you need to take a step back and get the facts.

HGH Facts

  1. Everyone needs HGH
  2. Human growth hormone is safe
  3. HGH influences mental functions and emotional health
  4. You can improve your appearance and sex life with HGH
  5. HGH is affordable

HGH Myths

  1. I can buy HGH online without a prescription
  2. HGH can stop me from aging
  3. I can use the same HGH dosage as my friend
  4. There are no side effects from HGH
  5. HGH is illegal

If you do not know these growth hormone facts and information, you might easily be misled by false advertisements and promises. That is why we uncover the HGH real facts so that you can make an informed decision about what type of treatment is best for you.

Know the difference between HGH facts and myths before you buy human growth hormone injections.

Top HGH Facts and Why You Should Get HGH

It is essential that you know the truth about what human growth hormone therapy can do for you before getting started. That is why we have compiled this list of facts on HGH so that you know what to expect. Of course, not everyone will experience the Trusted sourceGrowth Hormone Deficiency SymptomsEndocrine WebGo to sourcesymptoms of growth hormone decline . Only those with a verified deficiency who exhibit signs of low GH levels will require treatment with HGH therapy.

  1. Everyone needs HGH – this is true. Growth hormone is one of (if not THE) most essential hormones in the body. HGH influences metabolism, immunity, brain functions, cell regeneration, heart health, and more. No matter your age, your body still needs HGH. Without it, you might suffer from impaired memory and cognitive functions, weight gain, frequent illness, high cholesterol, and other concerns. Although the levels of HGH do decline as we get older, it is still a vital chemical for the body. That is why supplementation is necessary if a person experiences symptoms associated with HGH decline.
  2. Human growth hormone is safe – this is also true. As long as it is prescribed by a doctor experienced in hormone replacement therapy, HGH is safe to use. Blood testing and physical examination are a critical part of the diagnostic process.
  3. HGH influences mental functions and emotional health – your brain contains a plethora of growth hormone receptors. If these receptor cells do not receive an adequate supply of HGH each day, your cognitive health will suffer. You will likely also experience changes in mood and may become depressed.
  4. You can improve your appearance and sex life with HGH – these are both true. Regarding your appearance, HGH regulates cell regeneration. Not only will this benefit your hair and nail growth and skin tone and texture, but your muscles, bones, and internal organs also require these new cells each day. As far as your libido, HGH helps influence testosterone production which is crucial for sexual desire and performance. HGH has a direct impact on revving up your love life.
  5. HGH is affordable – yes, today, many pharmaceutical companies produce human growth hormone injections. Chances are we can find an option that will fit your budget.

Separating HGH myths and facts can help you get the treatment you need without false expectations.

HGH is essential for everyone – no matter their age, yet that does not mean that every person needs HGH therapy.

Top HGH Myths and What You Need to Know

It often seems as though HGH myths run rampant on the internet. Bodybuilding websites often label it as a steroid – it is not. Although human growth hormone has some steroidal benefits, it is a polypeptide hormone and not a steroid and will not build bulging muscles. That is a bonus myth not listed below. Separating HGH myths, truth, and fallacies is vital to receiving a safe treatment.

Here is what you need to know about these 5 HGH myths

  1. I can buy HGH online without a prescription – this may seem true because you see HGH advertised for sale on many, many websites. However, if you buy HGH in this way without a prescription, you are risking your health. Not to mention the fact that it is illegal – more on that below. Anyone who buys HGH without a prescription runs the risk of receiving a counterfeit and potentially dangerous version of HGH. Also, there is no way of knowing how much HGH you need without a doctor’s prescription.
  2. HGH can stop me from aging – although it may seem as though you are turning back the clock, HGH does not stop time. It does, however, have the ability to improve your skin texture, hair growth, appearance, energy, and brain functions.
  3. I can use the same HGH dosage as my friend – no, HGH is not a one-size-fits-all treatment. HGH dosages are customized to each person’s needs.
  4. There are no side effects from HGH – although human growth hormone therapy is safe when used as prescribed by a doctor, injecting too much can lead to potentially dangerous side effects.
  5. HGH is illegal – it is illegal to buy HGH without a prescription. However, it is legal to purchase human growth hormone injections when prescribed by a doctor.

When you know these HGH myths and facts, you can make the right decision for your needs.

Separating HGH myths from facts helps you make the right decision.

The Truth About HGH for Adults

When you know the HGH true facts, you can understand why there is often confusion about this treatment. Human growth hormone therapy gives back to the body what it needs and no longer produces. These HGH facts are meant to educate and guide you into making the best decision for your body and health. We are here to help.

Our hormone specialists customize treatment plans based on need. Consultations by phone are private and free of charge. For more information about the HGH myths and facts, please contact us today.

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