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Can I Use HGH for Sports Results Improvement

Can I Use HGH for Sports Results Improvement

October 26, 2018

Can I Use HGH for Sports Results Improvement

It should come as no surprise to anyone that a chemical called growth hormone would find its way into the sports world. Barely a day goes by that someone does not ask can I use HGH for sports results improvement. The answer is no – for many reasons:

  • First of all, HGH is not approved for athletic enhancement. You cannot use it legally for bodybuilding or to improve sports performance. Any such use of HGH for these purposes leaves you subject to prosecution. You could face time in jail or hefty fines for violating federal law about the purchase and use of HGH.
  • Second, HGH is banned by all major sports authorities, including the WADA (World Anti-Doping Agency). The use of HGH can disqualify you from competition.

If those are not reason enough to avoid growth hormone, sports performance decline may convince you. Yes, you read that right – illegal use of HGH can have the opposite effect on your level of performance. It has been shown that the use of HGH can decrease athletic ability. Users of HGH who do not have a deficiency are more likely to experience fatigue and retain fluid. It is illegal to use HGH for sports improvement or performance enhancement.

Effects of HGH for Enhancing Speed in Sports

An Trusted sourceHGH significantly increases sprint capacityScienceDailyGo to sourceeight-week study of 96 athletes (33 female, 63 male) with an average age of 27 looked at the use of either human growth hormone, testosterone, HGH and testosterone, or placebo injections. Following the eight weeks of using HGH for sports enhancement, the researchers found that sprint capacity in women and men increased an average of 3.9% over those subjects who received a placebo. In real-world numbers, that would translate to a difference of 0.4 of a second during a 10-second time in a 100-meter dash. During a 50-meter swim, the time savings could be as much as 1.2 seconds from a 30-second time.

If that is true, can I use HGH for sports results improvement for speed-based activities?

HGH is banned from all aspects of sports use. Although you could feasibly experience an improvement in speed, the following side effects were noted in participants:

  • Swelling
  • Joint pain

Performance returned to baseline following the end of treatment. For those considering long-term illegal use of HGH, the following risks are possible:

  • Carpal tunnel syndrome
  • Insulin resistance
  • Type 2 diabetes
  • Acromegaly
  • High cholesterol

Although HGH can increase speed, it can also cause serious side effects. HGH is banned for use in sports.

Does HGH Improve Sports Strength?

One of the most comprehensive studies on the subject of HGH and sports performance was a systematic review of 44 different articles that covered 27 unique studies. A total of 303 young (average age 27), physically fit participants received HGH.

Trusted sourceGrowth hormone, athletic performance, and agingHarvard Health PublishingGo to sourceTwo of the studies looked at evaluated strength. HGH therapy continued for either 42 or 84 days. The outcome of the research showed no improvement in biceps or quadriceps strength.

For anyone asking can I use HGH for sports results improvement for strength, the answer is an emphatic NO. As the research proves, there are no benefits for strength and the side effects risk is considerable.

Studies have shown HGH use to have no benefits for increasing strength in healthy adults.

Can HGH Speed Athletic Injury Healing?

This is the one area that is currently under investigation. Trusted sourceMark Cuban aids potential HGH studyABC NewsGo to sourceMark Cuban , the owner of the Dallas Mavericks, funded a study on the use of HGH for healing after an ACL injury and surgery. The results of this study have not yet been published.

The belief is that HGH can help reduce the muscle decline that leads up to the surgery following the injury. It is also anticipated that HGH can speed the healing time by increasing cell regeneration to the injured area.

If you are injured, and wonder can I use HGH for sports results improvement for healing, this is a subject to discuss with your doctor. As of yet, HGH is not allowed for that purpose. We will keep you informed of changes as future study results become available.

There may be benefits for HGH for healing after injuries. We are still awaiting research from the latest study.

Can I Use HGH Legally for Sports Improvement?

The use of HGH for sports is illegal. There is no gray area. Even studies focused on the effects of HGH for exercise capacity did not sure any significant difference.

Why, then, is HGH promoted for increased muscle mass and exercise capacity?

HGH is discussed for those benefits when dealing with older adults who are growth hormone deficient. There is a significant difference between increasing normal levels of HGH higher than recommended and restoring hormonal balance to low HGH levels.

The treatment of adult growth hormone deficiency is legal when HGH is prescribed by a doctor. Some athletes continue to take risks with their health by using HGH and testosterone illegally for sports enhancement. We do not condone this use due to the dangerous risks to one’s well-being.

If you ask us can I use HGH for sports results improvement, the answer is no. HGH use for sports is not safe or legal. However, if you feel you may be growth hormone deficient, please contact our hormone clinic for a free consultation.

HGH use in sports is illegal and dangerous. Only those adults with growth hormone deficiency should use HGH therapy.

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