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Why It Is Dangerous to Buy HGH on eBay and Amazon

Why It Is Dangerous to Buy HGH on eBay and Amazon

February 11, 2019
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Although it appears that you can buy anything from online retailers such as eBay and Amazon, that is not the case. Online retail stores are not where you want to buy your medications. Any product that requires a doctor’s prescription is only safe to purchase from a legitimate pharmacy. Why it is dangerous to buy HGH on eBay and Amazon? The most important reason – counterfeiting. The only way you know that the medication is safe to use is if it comes from a licensed US pharmacy.

What about pharmacies in other countries, such as Canada, Costa Rica, and Mexico?

While it may be safe to purchase your medications online from these countries, you also run a risk of buying something that is not real HGH. Without a valid prescription, your purchase is also subject to confiscation during shipment.

When you search for HGH for sale on Amazon, you will not find human growth hormone injections. The only real HGH comes as an injectable. The molecular structure of real HGH does not support other forms. Any products for sale on Amazon do not contain pure HGH.

Pretty much anyone can put something for sale on eBay. That certainly does not make it safe. The most likely products that you will find when searching HGH for sale on eBay are SeroVital and muscle-building compounds. None of these products contain real HGH. Although SeroVital ads are everywhere, along with significant research, please know that they sponsored the research. Outside studies have not found SeroVital to provide the same results as HGH injections.

eBay and Amazon are not licensed pharmacies. The only safe place to get real HGH is from a licensed US pharmacy.

The Dangers of Buying Medications Like HGH on eBay and Amazon

Buy HGH on eBay and AmazonHormone balancing is an exact science – which is why you need a hormone specialist and not a general physician to prescribe treatment. In answer to the question why it is dangerous to buy HGH on eBay and Amazon, the answer is simple – without a doctor’s prescription, you do not know how much HGH you need, or even if you need it at all. You will be hard-pressed to find real HGH for sale on eBay and Amazon. It is illegal to sell human growth hormone injections without a prescription in the US. Only licensed and regulated pharmacies can sell HGH.

When you look online to buy HGH, Amazon provides you with actual customer reviews. As of this writing, SeroVital had only a 47% 5-star rating. Almost half of the users rated it 3-stars or less. Many other HGH products for sale on Amazon fared the same or worse. Messing around with your hormones can lead to serious health concerns.

To be honest, if you really want to try an over-the-counter product, you would be better off going to your neighborhood health and vitamin shop to speak with someone knowledgeable. Just know this – not all vitamin shops have experienced personnel that can recommend what you can use.

No matter what, it is always best to speak with an experienced medical hormone specialist before using any supplement.

Buying HGH supplements online will not provide the same results as getting real HGH injections.

Alternatives to eBay and Amazon for Buying Cheap HGH

If you are looking to buy HGH, eBay and Amazon are not where you should look. Nor should you click a link to a website in China or any other country. What you want to do to help you save money on your HGH purchase is to contact a hormone clinic that provides free telephone consultations. A large part of the cost of getting HGH therapy is the many doctor’s office visits. We eliminate that by conducting all consultations over the phone.

We offer affordable local blood tests and physical examinations, along with competitive pricing for HGH therapy. Your health is the most important thing you have. Do not take unnecessary risks.

Why it is dangerous to buy HGH on eBay and Amazon?

Amazon and eBay are not licensed pharmacies. You have no way of knowing if what you are purchasing is safe to use. Protect your health. Contact us today for your free consultation.

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