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The Links Between Vitamin D and Testosterone Levels

The Links Between Vitamin D and Testosterone Levels

June 24, 2020 testosterone

The Links Between Vitamin D and Testosterone LevelsVitamin D is an essential fat-soluble vitamin. Vitamin D is naturally present in only a very few foods. It is added to milk and some others. Sunlight also triggers your body to make vitamin D.

Your body needs vitamin D to absorb calcium and promote bone growth. Vitamin D has also been linked to testosterone levels. Many men with low testosterone have also been found to be vitamin D deficient.

What Is the Relationship Between Vitamin D and Testosterone?

Most vitamins, such as vitamin B and C are nutrients. But, vitamin D is something different. Vitamin D is not a nutrient it acts more like a hormone. It is responsible to stimulate the production of other critical hormones such as testosterone.There have been several studies that indicate a link between low levels of vitamin D and low testosterone in men. However, doctors are not really sure why.

Current research seems to suggest that there is something about testosterone production that requires the presence of vitamin D. In this way vitamin D is what doctors refer to as a “precursor” for testosterone production.

Identifying a relationship between vitamin D and testosterone is a vital medical breakthrough. Doctors know that it is normal for a man’s testosterone level to decrease the older that he gets. There is research to suggest that it may be possible that vitamin D supplementation can help make up age-related testosterone loss.

Good Vitamin D levels are necessary for good testosterone production.

Can Vitamin D Restore Low Testosterone Levels?

Trusted sourceEffect of Vitamin D Supplementation on Testosterone Levels in MenNational Library of MedicineGo to sourceResearch has shown that testosterone levels and vitamin D levels are directly proportional. In other words, men with low vitamin D in the blood tend to have low testosterone, and vice versa. So, does that mean that increasing you vitamin D, could also raise your testosterone levels? Research seems to indicate that the answer is “yes.” In a 2011 randomized controlled study, researchers found men who were given a daily high-dose vitamin D supplement significantly increased their total testosterone levels. There have been several other studies since that indicate a positive link between vitamin D intake and testosterone levels.

Research indicates that supplementation with vitamin D could boost testosterone levels.

What Are the Signs of Vitamin D Deficiency?

Both men and women with vitamin D deficiencies have reported sexual wellness issues including low libido and sex drive. This is likely due to the link between vitamin D and testosterone levels mentioned above.

Other signs of a vitamin D deficiency include:

  • Fatigue and lack of energy
  • Joint pain and muscle aches
  • Mood swings and increased irritability
  • Increased feelings of depression and anxiety

Since vitamin D is not present in very many foods, and not all of us spend as much time in the sun as we should, vitamin D deficiencies are not uncommon.

There are also certain groups of people who are more likely to suffer from a vitamin D deficiency, such as:

  • Vegans and vegetarians as they eat very few vitamin D rich foods
  • People who are overweight or have diabetes
  • Senior citizens and other people who tend to spend more time indoors
  • Darker skinned people
  • Individuals with any disease or metabolic condition that interferes with the absorption or fat

The only way to know for sure if you are lacking in vitamin D is to see your doctor, and have you blood tested for your level of vitamin D.

Sources of Vitamin D

Can you get enough vitamin D from diet alone? There are not too many vitamin D rich foods.

For most people, sunlight remains the main source of vitamin D. However, there are some foods that contain vitamin D.

Vitamin D rich foods include:

  • Dairy products
  • Some fish
  • Shrimp
  • Milk (when fortified with vitamin D)
  • Vitamin fortified breakfast cereals and nutrition bars
  • Yogurt (when fortified with vitamin D)
  • Orange juice (when fortified with vitamin D and calcium)

Despite vitamin D being present in these food, you can see it is a pretty short list. Therefore, it can be very hard to get enough vitamin D just from the foods you eat.

It is hard to get enough vitamin D from diet alone.

You can boost your vitamin D levels with supplements. Doctors recommend 800 IU of vitamin D per day. In men that are known to have a vitamin D deficiency and low testosterone, much larger doses, over 4000 IUs per day have been found to be very beneficial.

Now that you know a little more about testosterone levels and the signs of vitamin D deficiency, why not contact us today, and make an appointment to have your vitamin D, and/or your testosterone levels checked?

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