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Over the Counter Testosterone Therapy – Why Is It Dangerous?

Over the Counter Testosterone Therapy – Why Is It Dangerous?

August 17, 2021 testosterone

Testosterone Therapy There is no such thing as “over-the-counter” testosterone therapy. Testosterone is a prescription medication, and real testosterone replacement is only available with a doctor’s prescription.

Forget about any of the emails you may have received or ads you see online for “over-the-counter testosterone. There is no such thing! Testosterone is a drug prescribed by doctors for patients who have been diagnosed with a testosterone deficiency.

There is no other way to receive genuine testosterone therapy than with a doctor’s prescription. Any product that you see advertised as “testosterone” that you can buy without a doctor’s prescription cannot, by law – contain any testosterone. Most of these products are “testosterone boosters,” which are usually combinations of amino acids, proteins, and other supplements.

The claims made by these testosterone booster supplements are dubious at best. There is very little clinical evidence to back up their supposed ability to boost your testosterone level.

Also, these products are entirely unregulated by the FDA, and they can contain unknown or toxic ingredients. Worse yet, some men looking for over-the-counter testosterone may be conned into buying “black market” testosterone. This is not only illegal; it can be hazardous to your health or even fatal!

“Black market” testosterone is any testosterone you can buy online without a doctor’s prescription. These sites are illegitimate and likely get their testosterone from unregulated labs in India and China.

No legitimate American company will risk their business license by selling testosterone without a prescription. That means you must go to an overseas company to buy what seems to be “over the counter” testosterone if you do not have a doctor’s prescription. Not only are you technically breaking the law by buying this kind of so-called over-the-counter testosterone, but the money you think you will save is not worth the potential risk.

The testosterone sold on these black market websites has been known to be completely fake, containing no testosterone at all or testosterone of such a low quality that it has little or no therapeutic effect.

TestosteroneBut that is not the worst of it. What seems to be “over the counter testosterone” sold on the black market could also contain toxins, bacteria, substitute drugs, or other hazardous ingredients that can be harmful or even fatal! No amount of savings is worth this risk.

Now, that isn’t to say that you should not shop for the best price you can on legitimate testosterone therapy. The thing is, legitimate testosterone therapy is probably a lot less expensive than you think it is. In fact, dollar-for-dollar testosterone therapy is probably the cheapest form of hormone replacement therapy there is.

Why Would Anyone Look for Over-the-Counter Testosterone Treatment?

You may be wondering if it is illegal and so dangerous, why would anyone ever be looking for “over-the-counter testosterone?” Sometimes it is because they want to use testosterone illicitly for some reason, like to bulk up or to enhance athletic performance.

But, more often than not, people seek out what they think are alternative sources of testosterone to save money. However, one should never risk compromising their health simply to save a few bucks!

That is not to say that you are not entitled to shop for the best price you can get for testosterone. Of course, you are. But you should only do so from legitimate, legal sources of testosterone.

When you do, the cost of actual prescription testosterone may surprise you and be cheaper than you think!

In fact, dollar-for-dollar testosterone therapy is probably the cheapest form of hormone replacement therapy there is.

What Can I Get for Over the Counter Testosterone?

Again, you cannot get over-the-counter testosterone in any form. What appears to be over-the-counter testosterone are “testosterone supplements.” These products are everywhere; online, on TV, in health food stores, and muscle mags, making dubious claims about how they can “boost your testosterone level.

Most of these claims are false. And even the products that do have some evidence of being able to boost your testosterone behind them can never raise your testosterone level anywhere near what legitimate testosterone replacement therapy can.

Where to Get Effective Testosterone Treatment

Testosterone Replacement TherapyThe only place to get real, safe, and effective testosterone treatment is to receive a diagnosis of low testosterone from your doctor and get a prescription for testosterone replacement therapy.

Any medical doctor can write you a prescription for testosterone therapy. But that does not mean you should get your testosterone therapy from just any doctor. You need to work with doctors like those at our clinics that specialize in age-related hormone decline.

And remember, if you were looking for over-the-counter testosterone because you wanted to save money on testosterone treatments, legitimate testosterone replacement therapy does not have to be prohibitively expensive. There are ways to buy less expensive testosterone without compromising your health or safety.

For example, some brands of prescription testosterone are cheaper than others. Women, because they require small doses than men, will always pay less for testosterone therapy.

Our doctors will always work with you to develop a treatment plan for testosterone replacement therapy that is right for your symptoms and your budget.

There could be ways to lower the cost of testosterone therapy. Many testosterone manufacturers offer a discount on their products for those who need testosterone therapy but do not have health coverage. There may be other ways that our doctors and staff can help you to afford your testosterone prescription.

Our goal is to see that patients who need testosterone therapy do not miss out because the cost is too high. We have designed many programs to fit various needs and lifestyles, and we will do our best to find a testosterone replacement treatment plan that is within your budget.

Now that you know more about why you should avoid any “over-the-counter” testosterone, why not contact us today and learn more about the real benefits you can receive from legitimately prescribed testosterone replacement therapy.