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Where to Buy HGH

Where to Buy HGH

December 20, 2021 hgh

What is HGH?If you are looking for answers on where to legally and safely buy human growth hormone (HGH), you have landed on the right page.

Today, HGH is one of the most heavily researched and written about methods for improving the lives of aging adults. With all the talk about the many positive benefits of human growth hormone, it is no wonder that people are wondering, “where can I buy human growth hormone?”

Before we discuss where and how to legally buy HGH therapy, you should know a little bit more about HGH and its antiaging properties so you have realistic expectations of HGH therapy and understand what it is that you are actually buying.

HGH is a vital hormone produced by one of the most important glands of the endocrine system – the pituitary gland. HGH is responsible for stimulating the growth of cells and the rest of the processes that allow children to grow normally into healthy adults.

This is why HGH therapy is used for children that are not experiencing normal growth. In such children, HGH therapy has been proven to help them achieve their full stature.

But HGH and growth hormone therapy have far greater uses than that.

In addition to allowing children to grow normally into adults, HGH stimulates the growth and replacement of cells and vital tissues throughout your life. It is for this reason that low levels of HGH can lead to weakness, fatigue, and all sorts of health complications.
As you get older, the pituitary’s output of HGH naturally decreases. In adults over 35 who are experiencing the symptoms of age-related growth hormone decline, growth hormone therapy has been shown to improve muscle mass, increase strength, combat depression, improve cognition, and stave off many of the other signs and symptoms typically associated with aging.

Where to Buy Legit HGH Online

Buy HGH Online.The heading of this section is a bit misleading. That is because you really cannot “legitimately” or “legally” buy authentic or brand name US- manufactured HGH online.

Growth hormone is a prescription medication. It cannot be purchased online like a vitamin or a dietary supplement.

Synthetic HGH, or prescription HGH, also known as the drug somatotropin, is indicated for the treatment of children and adults with a growth hormone deficiency, or GHD.

However, unlike other common prescription medications, such as pills for pain or high blood pressure — even if you are diagnosed with GHD and need HGH, you will not be handed a prescription slip that you can have filled at your local pharmacy.

Once you have been tested and evaluated, if you are found to have GHD, a prescription for a course of HGH therapy will be sent to a specific pharmacy, which will custom create your HGH injections per your doctor’s orders. Your HGH injection kits will then be delivered to you.

This is the only legal procedure to obtain HGH. Therefore, you cannot legally buy legitimate HGH online.

This is not to say that you will not find unscrupulous sites claiming to sell HGH online. Any such sites should be avoided.

What Are the Steps to Legally Buy HGH?

The only way to get a prescription to obtain HGH is to receive a proper diagnosis of growth hormone deficiency, or GHD. Getting a legal prescription for HGH is not hard. In fact, it only takes these five simple steps.

  • Step 1 – Fill out an online medical history form – This first step is indeed the only step in the process of getting HGH injections that can be done online.
  • Step 2 – See a doctor –If your online medical history form indicates that you are a good candidate for HGH therapy, the next step is to see your doctor. He or she will discuss your medical history in further detail, ask you more about your symptoms, and take a complete physical exam.
  • Step 3 – Laboratory hormone testing – Once you have completed your physical exam, you will be referred to a laboratory to have the hormone levels in your blood tested.
  • Step 4 – You will obtain a prescription for a program of HGH injections –  If the results of your laboratory tests show that your HGH levels are low,  your doctor will prescribe a dosage of growth hormone injections to suit your needs and lifestyle.
  • Step 5 – Your HGH will be delivered to you – Your prescription for HGH therapy will be forwarded to one of the pharmacies we work with that specializes in filling prescriptions for HGH injections. The pharmacy will then deliver your HGH therapy supplies to you.

How Can I Be Sure to Buy the Safest HGH?

Just like with any other product you buy, when it comes to buying HGH – you get what you pay for. A legitimate prescription for HGH should run, at a minimum, about $1000.00 per month. Even an authentic medical clinic or doctor that is selling HGH for a significantly lower price than that should also be avoided.

The HGH you buy from them will probably be for inferior quality HGH that is made in laboratories outside of the USA, most likely China or India. Such versions of HGH have been found to not match the doses on the labels and often contain useless and sometimes dangerous other ingredients in their formulations.

Our doctors only prescribe the name brands of HGH known to be the safest, the most effective, and the highest quality available to purchase. The name brands of HGH injections that we prescribe are:

  1. Genotropin
  2. Humatrope
  3. Omnitrope
  4. Norditropin
  5. Zomacton
  6. Saizen
  7. Serostim
  8. Zorbtive

These are all the best brands of HGH injections you can buy. They differ not in quality or effectiveness but in the ways that they are injected and the dosages available.

We will work together to determine which brand of HGH injection is best for you, based on your medical history, symptoms, and treatment goals.

Does the Doctor or Clinic I Buy HGH From Matter?

Doctors for HRT.Just as it is totally illegal and unsafe to attempt to buy HGH online without a prescription, it absolutely makes a difference who and where you get your prescription to buy HGH from.

You want to work with doctors like ours who have years of experience in identifying and treating age-related hormone decline. Hormone replacement therapy can have many positive and life-changing results, but it also takes a lot of knowledge and skill.

Certainly, you have heard medical professionals speak of metabolic syndromes, weight gain, emotional or other disorders that are due to a “hormone imbalance?”

That is a very accurate description. These kinds of “HGH” products are either useless at best or dangerous at worst.

HGH does not work alone. All of your hormones need to work together in balance and harmony for optimal health. Our doctors will prescribe a growth hormone therapy program around you and your unique goals and lifestyle that is designed not only to raise your HGH levels into the normal range but bring all of your hormones into their proper balance.

This is a good reason why, if you are looking to safely and legally buy HGH, you should not necessarily choose the doctor or clinic that advertises the lowest cost for HGH injections. Our prices are competitive, and we will help you to purchase your HGH but remember you get what you pay for — do not compromise on your health to possibly save a few dollars.

Now that you know a lot more about where and how to buy HGH, why not take a minute to contact us and learn more about the many other life-changing benefits of growth hormone therapy.


NO! Absolutely not. Any website that is claiming to sell you growth hormone, even with a prescription, is unlikely to be selling you real or safe HGH. The only legitimate and safe way to obtain authentic HGH injections is via the process outlined above.

Furthermore, authentic growth hormone therapy is only administered via injection. Any product that you can buy online or anywhere else that claims to be HGH or contain HGH, and is available in any other form than an injectable liquid, is not HGH. If you google "HGH" or "how to buy HGH online," you will get many results for pills and drinks and powders that claim to be HGH. They are not. These products are, at best, a combination of proteins and amino acids, which may help you to naturally boost your HGH, or at worst, useless placebos. Any such products should be avoided.

No. Just as with supposed online sales of HGH, you cannot purchase genuine human growth hormone off of the shelves of a vitamin shop or health food store. Any such products are usually combinations of proteins and amino acids that claim to be able to raise your HGH levels. Such claims are mostly unproven, but the main thing is that these products cannot by law contain any real human growth hormone.

Yes. It is not only unlawful to buy HGH without a prescription; it can be very hazardous to your health, even fatal! There are many scammers out there selling products that claim to be HGH and are not. Worse yet, there are inferior quality "black market" HGH injections that can be bought online. These should also be avoided. They may cost less than more reputable brands of HGH, but they usually come from China or other sources where pharmaceuticals are not as well-regulated as they are in the US. There is no guarantee of the quality of these products.

HGH from foreign labs such as India or China could be cheaper than buying from legitimate US makers of HGH, but it is a very bad idea. In fact, HGH from China or India can no longer be legally sold in the US. 

There are only a few certified labs capable of producing authentic prescription somatropin, with its full 191 amino acid sequence. Somatotropin is made in high-tech pharmaceutical labs using recombinant human DNA. As such, it is an extremely complicated process. So-called "black market" HGH does not have the full and proper 191 protein sequence of true somatropin. These foreign lab “knock-offs” have an entirely different molecular structure and can be hazardous to your health.

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