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HGH Therapy Prices

HGH Therapy Prices

HGH Therapy PricesContrary to what some companies and websites might have you believe, HGH therapy prices will not run you thousands of dollars a month. Yes, you could see higher numbers if you want the latest gadgets for injector pens. Some of these pharmaceutical options do run quite a bit more than standard vials of HGH powder. However, if cost is your primary factor, HGH Doctor can help you get safe, legal HGH injections in the US at affordable prices.

Do not fall for low HGH black market price listings that you see on the internet. Companies overseas not only have to import the medications but then they need to ship them back to the US – which, by the way, is illegal. They often cut costs by diluting or falsifying their medications. While you may get a “great deal” on HGH therapy injections, you may pay for it with prosecution fees, jail time, or poor health due to counterfeit and potentially dangerous medications.

The average monthly cost for HGH therapy in the US is around $600 – $1,500 per month. However, this does not mean that is what you will pay. An average means just what it sounds – some people will pay less, and others will pay more. The determining factors are the dosage (how much HGH you need to buy), the brand of HGH, and the type of injector you want.

Here are some of the average HGH therapy prices at the time of this review:

  • Humatrope: $1,000 for 5 mg vials, $1,400 to $5,700 for HumatroPens (depending on the strength)
  • Omnitrope: $528 for 5.8mg vials
  • Norditropin: $1,235 to $3,250 for FlexPro pens
  • Genotropin: $420 to $2,050 for MiniQuick single-dose prefilled syringes

Because we work with multiple pharmacies, and many manufacturers of HGH provide assistance programs for adults, we can help get you the best possible price for your treatment.

The average HGH therapy prices for adults in the US are around $600 to $1,500 – although many people will pay less.

How Can I Get the Best Price for HGH Therapy?

You do not need to turn to “black market” websites and other countries to get affordable human growth hormone therapy. If you are looking for the HGH therapy best price in the US, HGH Doctor hormone clinic is here to help.

A significant part of the expense for HGH therapy is the office visits with the hormone specialist. Everyone knows you pay more to see a medical specialist of any kind. We lower that expense by eliminating the in-office visits and providing consultations by phone – beginning with your initial complimentary consultation.

Then, we take it a step further by offering low-cost blood testing and diagnostic options to save you even more money. Finally, by customizing your treatment plan, we can help you find low HGH therapy prices for superior-quality human growth hormone injections.

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