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HGH Therapy Benefits for Skin and Hair

HGH Therapy Benefits for Skin and Hair

HGH Therapy Benefits for Hair

Of the many reasons why people dread aging, looking older often tops the list. We know that human growth hormone helps protect the bones and brain functions, two other areas of great concern for aging. You may also find comfort in the HGH benefits for skin and hair to maintain a more youthful and healthy appearance.

The average adult skin is home to about 22 square feet of cells. We are talking three layers of cells, plus collagen and elastin to hold it all together. Your hair is also made up of cells, and, as you age and have fewer cells available for the body to use, your hair strands grow thinner and fall out sooner than in your younger years.

We discuss HGH for skin and hair because it is human growth hormone that stimulates your body’s cellular regeneration. After signaling the liver to release insulin growth factor 1, HGH works with IGF-1 to increase cell production.

When you have a plentiful supply of HGH released into the bloodstream, your body will increase production of new cells crucial to replace those that die off each day. In turn, the result is HGH benefits for hair and skin that improve your appearance.

Influence of HGH on Collagen Production and Skin Tone

Collagen production occurs in the dermis layer of the skin, as IGF-1 exerts its synergistic effects on HGH. The resulting HGH benefits on skin thickness occur as increased collagen levels plump up the skin to help protect it from tearing. Along with increased collagen, you will also experience improved elastin production which makes the skin more pliable to resist injury.

Together, elastin and collagen reap the benefits of HGH for skin care and return those benefits by way of protecting the skin from harm.

At the same time, HGH benefits for skin and hair help to even out skin tone and fade age spots. The best way to improve your skin is from the inside out, giving the body what it needs to accomplish its natural functions.

The Benefits of HGH Can Reduce Skin Wrinkles and Sagging

Now that you have more collagen and elastin in the dermis, your skin elasticity and strength will improve. Blood cells located in this layer also reap HGH benefits for skin as they improve blood flow necessary to regulate body temperature. That is also why older people tend to feel cold – they have thinner skin layers and lose vital insulation that protects nerve fibers.

As we continue with this look at HGH benefits for skin and hair, we next find that all the new collagen and elastin is firming and tightening the skin. Visual signs of sagging, fine lines, and wrinkles begin to disappear.

You will likely see a reduction in the appearance of cellulite as collagen starts to fill in all those nooks and ridges. Since HGH stimulates weight loss, the fatty deposits under the skin begin to disappear. Septra – the connective tissue surrounding the fat – allows for the release of the fat and a reversal of cellulite. Finally, HGH improves muscle tone for a better overall appearance.

Most important is the benefit of HGH for skin repair in response to wound healing. The older you get, the longer it takes for cuts to heal. Skin repair occurs in three stages that also require an abundance of cells:

  1. A blood clot forms and inflammatory cells rush to the injury so that keratinocytes can being reepithelialization – wound healing
  2. The keratinocytes proliferate to stimulate the formation of granulation tissue inside the wound and around the edges to aid dermis restoration
  3. Dermal cell density declines as granulation tissue remodeling continues

Why Do Low Levels of HGH Influence Hair Growth?

The hair is also made up of keratinocytes, and the benefits of HGH for hair begin in the hair bulb that forms at the base of the follicle. It is here that living cells divide and grow into the hair shaft – a single strand that pushes up through the layers of the skin.

Not only is HGH good for hair growth, but it also helps restore natural color for some people. You see, pigment cells in the skin layers also need human growth hormones. When you suffer from HGH deficiency, you lose valuable pigment cells that manufacture the melanin that colors the hair strand as it passes through the skin layers. The result – gray hair.

HGH benefits for skin and hair improve the durability and thickness of the hair shaft, and sometimes even return natural color by increasing pigment cell density.

How Will HGH Benefit Skin and Hair as You Age?

Beginning HGH injections for skin and hair improvements when diagnosed with growth hormone deficiency can improve your appearance. Many people tell us they look ten to twenty years younger again.

To be able to regrow lost hair is one of the potential HGH hair benefits that you might receive. At the very least, the hair you do have will start to appear thicker and shinier as it continues to grow.

These HGH benefits for skin and hair that firm and tighten your skin and thicken your hair can be yours if you have growth hormone deficiency. Please contact our hormone clinic for a confidential consultation at no charge. We are here to provide the testing, answers, and treatment you seek.