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HGH Prescription: How to Get HGH Prescription From a Doctor

HGH Prescription: How to Get HGH Prescription From a Doctor

Adults diagnosed with low growth hormone levels, also called growth hormone deficiency (GHD), may qualify for an HGH prescription. The services of a hormone specialist or endocrinologist are the best option for seeking testing, diagnosing, and prescribing of human growth hormone therapy.

There is much to know about getting HGH by prescription. Human growth hormone is a medication administered via subcutaneous injection. HGH therapy replenishes the amount of hormone no longer produced by the pituitary gland.

As with other forms of hormone replacement therapy (HRT), HGH requires a valid prescription for purchase from a pharmacy.

Buying HGH injections without a prescription is illegal – and potentially dangerous. It is vital to complete all steps in the diagnostic process to ensure the safety of using HGH therapy.

It is also possible to get a legitimate HGH prescription online so long as all diagnostic steps have been completed. HGH Doctor is a national hormone clinic providing online information, telephone consultations, and convenient laboratory locations nationwide for blood testing.

Adults can get an HGH prescription from HGH Doctor hormone clinic.

Why You Need an HGH Prescription

The first reason why you cannot buy HGH without a prescription is that it is a controlled substance. Although the use of human growth hormone injections is safe for those who need it, significant side effects could occur when HGH is misused or abused.

The body has over 60 hormones, each with a specific purpose or set of functions. When one hormone is out of balance, it can alter the levels of other hormones, creating further problems for one’s health. That is especially the case with growth hormone. Having a shortage of GH can lead to testosterone deficiency, estrogen decline, estrogen dominance, insulin resistance, and low insulin growth factor 1 levels. Each of these hormonal changes can lead to other increased health risks.

Too much HGH can also influence these hormones, which is why you should only buy HGH with a prescription from a doctor following blood analysis and physical examination.

The next reason why you should only purchase prescription HGH is the risk of receiving low-quality or counterfeit human growth hormones. Black market websites are rampant on the internet. These sites belong to companies in other countries that care nothing about our laws. There is no way of knowing if the medication received is safe to use – many times it is not. Only HGH purchased with a prescription from a licensed US pharmacy is safe to use.

Get HGH Prescription

Obtaining an HGH prescription is the only way to purchase safe human growth hormones from a pharmacy in the US.

Is There a Certain Type of Doctor I Need to Contact for an HGH Prescription?

As we mentioned earlier, an endocrinologist or doctor specializing in hormone replacement therapy is the best choice when it is time to get an HGH prescription. Because hormone levels influence one another, an HRT specialist understands how to use care when determining how much HGH to prescribe to initiate hormonal balance.

The next reason to contact an HRT doctor is to reduce out-of-pocket expenses for diagnostic testing. Many general physicians no nothing about growth hormone deficiency in adults. Hormone balancing is not part of the regular medical school curriculum as it is a specialty. Therefore, most physicians do not recognize the signs of GHD. Instead, they order a battery of unnecessary tests that will not yield the proper diagnosis.

When you contact HGH Doctor hormone clinic for an HGH online prescription, we will ask you about your symptoms. That is the first way of determining if your issues might be related to changing hormone levels. If so, a blood sample collection at a local laboratory is the next step. Remember, the HRT specialist knows what symptoms are linked to hormonal imbalance.

A doctor who specializes in hormone replacement therapy is the best choice for getting an HGH prescription.

Is It Legal to Get an HGH Prescription Online?

Getting a legal HGH prescription requires the completion of a medical consultation, health history review, blood test, and physical examination. Blood testing and examination are the two steps that require “in-person” interactions. Each person will visit a laboratory for a blood test and a local doctor for a physical examination. However, the necessary health history questionnaire is accessible online, and consultations are available by telephone.

There are other legalities every adult should know about getting prescription HGH for sale. Buying HGH injections without a prescription is a federal offense. It can result in prosecution, monetary fines, and jail time.

Customs agents check packages entering the US and can confiscate illegally purchased medications. It is not worth the legal, safety, or monetary risk to buy HGH illegally.

It is legal to get an HGH prescription from a doctor in the US as long as you complete the necessary steps.

What Does It Cost to Get an HGH Prescription?

The HGH prescription cost includes medical consultation, blood tests, and physical examination. The price for the entire process can vary considerably, depending on the doctor. A person will pay more if selecting a local hormone doctor where in-office visits are required. However, to save money, many people turn to HGH Doctor for our free consultation service. In this way, there is no expense in finding out if hormone testing is recommended. If the symptoms a person has do not appear to be hormone-related, a referral to another type of specialist may be provided without any charges or fees. However, if hormonal decline is suspected, blood analysis and physical examination are the next steps. We have also negotiated preset rates for the blood tests at affordable prices.

How much does HGH cost with a prescription once diagnosed by the hormone specialist?

The price for HGH injections ranges from an average of $600 to $1,500 per month. The prescribed dosage dictates which injection options (vials and pen systems) meet the requirements. Next, the client selects the brand and injector style that meets his or her lifestyle or budget needs. Some people may pay more, while others who look for value will pay less.

Omnitrope by Sandoz has one of the lowest HGH cost with a prescription in the US. The quality of Omnitrope HGH is high, while prices are some of the most affordable for human growth hormones.

Overall, HGH prescription cost depends on the selected doctor, prescribed dosage, and HGH brand and injector style chosen.

How Do I Get an HGH Prescription?

The easiest way for anyone searching for how to get a prescription for HGH therapy is to contact our hormone clinic for a free, no-obligation consultation. Because we offer this service by phone, there is no waiting time for an opening on a specialist’s schedule.

Following the confidential phone consultation, one of our medical advisors will explain the next steps in how to get an HGH prescription near you. These steps entail the following:

• Completing the online medical questionnaire
• Visiting a local laboratory in the morning for the blood test
• Seeing a local doctor for a physical exam

Most people complete the entire process in a matter of days. Upon completion of these steps, our hormone doctor reviews the results to determine who can get an HGH prescription online based on need. A diagnosis of growth hormone deficiency means that a person can then buy HGH injections from a licensed US pharmacy.

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