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Conor Sheehy

Conor Sheehy


Conor Sheehy

Conor Sheehy

Dr. Sheehy completed his BS in Molecular Biology at the University of Idaho and went on to complete his Doctor of Pharmacy (PharmD) at the University of Washington in Seattle. Since graduation, He has enjoyed varied experience in the areas of psychiatric pharmacy, retail pharmacy, and has worked as a provider with 1-on-1 patient appointments to manage anticoagulation medication (treatment of blood clots) and diabetes medications. He is able to work as a provider because of Washington State’s groundbreaking Senate Bill 5557, which makes Washington the first state in the country to require healthplans to recognize pharmacists as part of the healthcare team.

His long-term professional goals are to make meaningful and substantial changes in the lives of those afflicted with mental health diagnoses. He is a member of College of Psychiatric and Neurological Pharmacists (CPNP), and he supports more directly though his membership in the National Alliance on Mental Illness (NAMI).


University of Washington

Degree Name: Doctor of Pharmacy (Pharm.D.)
Field Of Study: Pharmacy
Dates attended or expected graduation 2011 – 2015

University of Idaho

Degree Name: Bachelor of Science (B.S.)
Field Of Study: Molecular Biology and Biotechnology
Dates attended or expected graduation 2007 – 2011

Licenses & CertificationsSterile Compounding Certificate

Issuing authority Simplifi 797
Issued date and, if applicable, expiration date of the certification or license Issued Jan 2019 No Expiration Date

Pharmacist License

Issuing authority Washington Board of Health
Issued date and, if applicable, expiration date of the certification or license Issued Jun 2015No Expiration Date
Credential Identifier Credential ID PH60560656

Immunization Certification

Issuing authority Washington State Pharmacy Association
Issued date and, if applicable, expiration date of the certification or license Issued Feb 2012 No Expiration Date

Pharmacist Preceptor License

Issuing authority Washington Board of Health
Issued date and, if applicable, expiration date of the certification or license Issued Jul 2016 Expires May 2021
Credential Identifier Credential ID PH60693910

Health Care BLS Certification

Issuing authority CPR Seattle
Issued date and, if applicable, expiration date of the certification or licenseIssued Sep 2017 Expires Sep 2019


Clinical Pharmacist
Company: Name Soliant
Dates Employed: Oct 2018 – Present
Employment Duration: 6 mos

  • Monitor individual patient drug therapy for medication safety and appropriateness through use of EPIC iVent (clinical intervention) tracking.
  • Provide inpatient renal dose monitoring.
  • Preparation and supervision of adult and neonatal (NICU) TPN products through the use of Abacus and Exactamix software.
  • Utilize Pyxis Pharmogistics software for inventory tracking and Pyxis Logistics Carousel for inventory management
  • Participate in Antimicrobial Stewardship program.
  • Provide clinical support to physicians and nursing staff regarding medicines and pharmaceuticals
    with evidence-based recommendations.
  • Oversee daily drug distribution service activities, including: unit-dose, single-container, and
    intravenous (IV) medications.
  • Trained and compliant in USP 797 aseptic technique: supervise pharmacy technicians during
    compounding and preparation of sterile products in a Laminar Airflow Workbench (LAFW).

Owner, Medical Writer
Company Name: WriteRx, LLC
Dates Employed: Sep 2018 – Present
Employment Duration: 7 mos
Location Greater: Seattle Area

  • Ad-hoc editorial review, Advanced Recovery Systems 12/2018-present
  • Writer, NAPLEX practice questions, EM Corporation 1/2019-present
  • Writer, Healthcare marketing articles, Doctor Genius 10/2018-present

Pharmacy Consultant, Contract
Company Name: Lighthouse Lab Services
Dates Employed: Jun 2018 – Present
Employment Duration: 10 mos
Location Greater: Seattle Area
Pharmacist consultant for organizations expanding across state lines into the state of Washington. As needed, provide: regulatory and compliance information, rule interpretation (RCW, WAC, PQAC), and act as PIC for initial inspection prior to hand-off.

Navos Pharmacy Operations Manager
Total Duration: 2 yrs 10 mos
Title Pharmacy: Operations Manager
Dates Employed: Apr 2017 – Mar 2018
Employment Duration: 1 yr
Location Greater: Seattle Area
Pharmacist In Charge (PIC) for Navos Hospital Pharmacy. Primary responsibilities include Maintenance of Controlled Substance inventory and records, and processes that ensure the former.

Inpatient Pharmacist
Dates Employed: Jun 2015 – Mar 2018
Employment Duration: 2 yrs 10 mos
Location Greater: Seattle Area

  • Direct hospital’s central pharmacy services, including performing hospital-wide order verification and patient clinical interventions.
  • Provide evidence-based answers to questions from prescribers about drug-dosing, monitoring, and appropriate pharmacotherapeutic utilization of both psychiatric and general medications.
  • Provide pharmacotherapeutic management services for High Alert medications, including: warfarin, enoxaparin, opiates for pain and addiction therapy, insulin, and oral anti-diabetic medications.
  • Utilize multiple technologies, including MetaCare Rx Pharmacy Software, MetaEnterprise CPOE, eMAR, and Sigmund EHR, to ensure accurate quality patient care and monitoring.
  • Collaborate with clozapine providers to ensure monitoring is occurring and patients’ ANC levels are appropriate for continued treatment.
  • Utilize and enforce long-acting injectable (LAI) antipsychotic protocols to ensure proper utilization while inpatient and continued treatment when outpatient.

Anticoagulation Clinic Pharmacist
Company Name: MultiCare Health System
Dates Employed: Apr 2016 – Feb 2018
Employment Duration: 1 yr 11 mos
Location Tacoma, Washington

  • Registered Provider in the state of Washington
  • Provide anticoagulation services in a Pharmacist run ambulatory care clinic
  • Utilize EPIC EMR systems to facilitate patient appointments through the use of chart notes, labs, MAR, and inbasket communication to other providers
  • Operate Roche Coagucheck Pro system to provide Point-of-Care INR testing and result interpretation
  • Through one-on-one interview, determine the clinical importance of several lifestyle factors upon INR reading, including: activity, diet, alcohol intake, concurrent medications and drug interactions, recent illness or hospitalization, and other patient-specific factors
  • Provide dosing directions based on information obtained during the interview and within the patient’s medical record
  • Determine the appropriateness of Low Molecular Weight Heparin bridging therapy for patients undergoing an invasive procedure, and work with referring provider and/or surgeon in the creation of a personalized bridging plan
  • Deliver comprehensive education for new patients beginning warfarin for the first time and for patients enrolling into the Home Monitoring program
  • Perform and chart an average of 20-30 patient appointments daily in person
  • Provide anticoagulation home monitoring services: In-person patient training of Coaguchek XS machines, followed by telephone management and troubleshooting. Approximately 60 patients/day/clinic.

Fred Meyer
Total Duration: 3 yrs 7 mos
Title: Pharmacist
Dates Employed: Jul 2015 – Oct 2015
Employment Duration: 4 mos
Location Greater: Seattle Area

  • Traveled to several locations within Seattle area providing floating pharmacist services.
  • Successfully managed average store volume of 250-800 prescriptions per weekday and 100-250 per day on weekends, depending on location.

Pharmacist Intern
Dates Employed: Apr 2012 – Jul 2015
Employment Duration: 3 yrs 4 mos
Acted as floating Intern providing pharmacy services to 4 locations. Successfully managed a store volume of 250-350 weekday prescriptions/day and 100-150 prescriptions/day on weekends. Entered prescriptions into database, dispensed products, billed insurances, and provided adjudication correction. Collaborated with prescribers to resolve errors, verify medications, directions, and methods of administration. Counseled patients on medications and provided immunization services.

Pharmacist Intern
Company Name: Advanced Pharmacy Practice Experience (APPE)
Dates Employed: Aug 2014 – Jun 2015
Employment Duration: 11 mos
Location Greater: Seattle Area

  • Seattle Indian Health Board Clinic Pharmacy
  • University of Washington Medical Center Pharmacy Informatics (IT Pharmacy)
  • Fred Meyer Community Pharmacy
  • Harborview Medical Center Investigational Drug Services
  • Sav-Mor Drug Independent Community Pharmacy (Idaho)
  • Overlake Medical Center General Medicine
  • Harborview Medical Center Psychiatry
  • Maple Leaf Compounding Pharmacy
  • Premera Blue Cross Insurance

Pharmacist Intern
Company Name: Introductory Pharmacy Practice Experience
Dates Employed: Mar 2012 – Mar 2013
Employment Duration: 1 yr 1 mo
Location Greater: Seattle Area

  • IPPE 2: University of Washington Medical Center (2012-2013)
  • IPPE 1: Fred Meyer Community Pharmacy (2012)

Lab Technician
Company Name: University of Idaho
Dates Employed: May 2010 – May 2011
Employment Duration: 1 yr 1 mo
Location: Moscow, Idaho

  • Assisted faculty with on-going research by writing lab procedures, collecting and analyzing data, and compiling initial research findings.
  • Experienced with common laboratory practices, equipment, and analysis techniques related to Molecular Biology and similar fields, including: PCR, DNA isolation, cultivar chromosome counting, plant transformation, plant tissue culture, and media preparation.
  • Main project was media optimization and Agrobacterium transformation of several potato and tobacco cultivars.

Company Name: Delta Tau Delta Fraternity
Dates Employed: Aug 2008 – Aug 2010
Employment Duration: 2 yrs 1 mo
Location: Moscow, Idaho

  • Managed a budget of over $160,000/semester
  • Managed A/P with 20-30 churning vendors and A/R with 55-70 churning fraternity members
  • Implemented an automated invoice collection and payment system operated through a third party vendor
  • Implemented new processes for acquisition of food that realized a savings of $2000/month
  • Developed and implemented the annual budget, and delivered monthly financial reports (MFRs) to ─Work was prepared mainly using Microsoft Word, Microsoft Excel, and briefly Quickbooks online before switching to vendor proprietary systems
  • Collaborated with other members of the Executive Board and Beta Chi Housing Corporation as well as interacting with Alumni, parents, and other members of the university.

Skills & Endorsements

  • Pharmacy
  • Pharmacology
  • Customer Service

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