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Best HGH Supplements

Best HGH Supplements

Many websites claim to sell you the best HGH supplements, but that is not always the case. Human growth hormone supplements fall into three primary categories:

  1. Real HGH which is a prescription injectable
  2. Real sermorelin which is an HGH booster in the form of an injection
  3. Over-the-counter oral supplements such as pills or sprays which claim to boost HGH production

What is the difference between these HGH supplements and why do adults even need them?

First, it might help to understand what human growth hormone does, which will explain why people go looking for supplemental HGH.

HGH maintains proper brain, immune, metabolic, cellular, heart, libido, and other functions throughout life. Without enough HGH, you will not have enough new cells produced to replace those that die off. This cellular shortfall will affect your internal organs, skin tone, hair growth, muscle size, and bone density. Depression, weight gain, low sex drive, memory loss, frequent illness, and other issues will likely arise.

The right HGH supplements will reverse any symptoms of human growth hormone deficiency.

How Do HGH Supplements Work?

The difference between the three types of supplements highlights how they work in the body. When it comes to the various HGH supplements, do they work is not the issue. It is how well they accomplish what they say they will do.

How do you know which HGH supplements are best for your body?

Because you are dealing with hormone balancing, you need to turn to a doctor in that field for help. The doctor will determine whether option 1 or 2 above is your best HGH supplements

  • Option 1, real HGH injections, immediately provide a supply human growth hormone to the body. What this does is allow the HGH receptors to receive what they need to stimulate their actions. This is the best option for people already experiencing symptoms who are diagnosed with growth hormone deficiency.
  • Option 2, sermorelin, is a prescription medication that goes to the pituitary gland to stimulate an increase in HGH production. It does not work as quickly as HGH injections, so it is only for adults in the preliminary stages of human growth hormone decline.
  • Option 3, over-the-counter or internet purchased HGH pills, sprays, or drops do not directly increase HGH levels. They will not work as fast as sermorelin to boost HGH production. Many of the products do not work at all, as shown by numerous research studies. Since these products usually contain various mixtures of amino acids and vitamins, their properties once ingested are subject to breakdown by digestive enzymes that could render them useless.

Are HGH Supplements Safe to Use?

There is much discussion online about the risks attached to HGH supplements. Are they safe to use for adults? The question is much simpler to answer than many people think.

Here is the safety information you need to know about the best HGH supplements:

  1. HGH injections prescribed by hormone specialists are extremely safe to use. The doctor will run diagnostic blood tests to determine who is a candidate for HGH therapy. If your human growth hormone levels are not low, you will not receive HGH. Only when HGH deficiency is present is supplemental HGH safe to use. It is very rare for individuals taking doctor-supervised HGH to experience side effects.
  2. HGH injections are not safe for use by athletes and bodybuilders or anyone else looking to use them for physical enhancement-only purposes. Increasing human growth hormone (or any other hormone) levels too high can lead to side effects.
  3. Sermorelin injections are also safe to use when prescribed by a doctor. Because they are naturally increasing HGH production, they are considered even safer than HGH injections.
  4. Over-the-counter HGH supplements may or may not be safe to use. These products are not regulated, and you have no way of knowing the quality of the ingredients. Some may be damaging to your health.

To avoid any adverse HGH supplements effects, always work directly with an experienced hormone replacement therapy specialist.

What Negative Effects Can Happen from HGH Supplements?

Although HGH supplements negative effects are extremely rare under doctor supervision, adverse reactions could occur. The most likely side effects of increasing HGH levels too high, other than injection site irritation or redness, include the following:

  • Joint, nerve, or muscle pains
  • Retention of fluid in the extremities – edema
  • Headache

If these issues are ignored, then the side effects of HGH could worsen, and lead to:

  • Carpal tunnel syndrome
  • High cholesterol
  • Type 2 diabetes

Again, these concerns happen most to people who abuse or use HGH illegally. Rarely do hormone doctors see any negative issues from legal HGH use to correct growth hormone deficiency.

One word of warning about buying HGH injections online without a prescription – you could wind up with a counterfeit, expired, or dangerous medication that can cause you serious physical harm. Only buy real HGH injections from licensed US pharmacies with a doctor’s prescription.

For more information about the best HGH supplements, please contact our hormone clinic for a free consultation.

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